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The family down here has this really cool tradition they do for kids birthdays; instead of hiring entertainment, they have the kids write a play. it sounds campy and i suppose it is, but it's actually really cool. the whole family helps out in the creative process, and everyone has a role in the play.

Today was the first time i got to participate in one of these plays. my young cousin/neice/whatever you wanna call her Lis turned 9, and had a space themed party. her play was super cute. there was an ambiguous problem on the moon that had to be resolved in person, so she flew to the moon with a couple other astronauts (aunt, uncle, grampa), passed an american ship on the way up (me), encountered an alien (sister), ate at a cafe on the moon (mom, grandma, nanny), and in the end saved the day (the problem was smoke coming from the aliens moon-marshmallows or something...she convinced the alien to sell ehr recipe to the restaurant, and they all lived happily ever after). she even wrote a little song, and of course tehre was plenty of other childrens songs incorporated which was wierd cause you know i've never heard children's brazilian music and every one else knew the words.

really cute birthday, and i was glad i got to participate. i'll put up a picture in the near

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