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Recife is hot as hell. I am practically on the equator, and this area of brazil doesn't get much wind (it's actually cooler further north, i.e. on the equator, cause of the wind). The sun here is more intense than any sun i've ever been exposed to. I hit the beach yesterday and it was almost unbearable. thank god for the free beach umbrellas set up and the easy access to beer.

i moved out of the hotel to a youth hostel in olinda. it's much cooler here. the people staying here are awesome, the place has hammocks and a kitchen, olinda is safe enough to walk around...much more my style. little further from the beaches, but boa viagem had sharks anyway.

last night i went out with a good group of kids who are also staying here; in town for some kind of pharmaceutical conventions. we played this game that's like a cross between indian poker and 20 questions: everyone gets a four-letter word and puts the paper on their head. they ask the group questions to try to figure out their word. we played for like at least 2 hours.

oh man, we laughed so hard at the dumbest shit. at one point, one girl' word was her own name (rafa)...i almost died when she guessed the word as "you" (voce). so close, and yet so far.

another girl got the word "alive/live" (vivo). right off the bat i thought it was real hard, so i jokingly whispered to the girl who gave her the word "what happens when she asks 'is it alive?' " oh man, she overheard the question and was like, "Ok, it's alive!" and then started asking a bunch of different animals and was so bad.

...clearly , i had a lot of fun with these kids. we went out to a nearby bar afterwards and drank and ate and listened to music...real good bunch, i think they're leaving today or tomorrow. too bad, too bad.

i was getting bummed out about travelling alone, but the hostel situation seems to be a good middle ground.

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photo by: Paulovic