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the short version, for the time being:

i tried to leave morro on the 11th to go to barra grande, but i took too long getting off the island and by the time i got to the bus station in valenca i was already late for the boat from camamu to barra, so i decided to go back to morro where i had friends. i changed hostels because the place i was staying at sucked and was really expensive, and at the hostel i met Juan. the next day we were hanging out and he mentioned he was going to itacare to chase a girl he'd met at morro (romantic, right?). i had thought about going there anyway, so i decided to jump on the wagon.

we left the next day (the 13th), early this time. on the way to valenca we met these to mineiros on the bus who it just so happened were also going to itacare. we took the bus down together, which took ALL DAY. we started hostel hunting together, and by a stroke of luck found a guy renting an apartment for 4 with a kitchen and bathroom: R$15 a piece.

our group expanded when we met up with juan's friend richard later that night. we also found his girl with her friends, and awkward vibes were exchanged. sad, huh?

itacare is a great little town. laid back, filled with surfers, mineiros and chilenas. the beaches are gorgeous, and almost all have big waves and are lined with palms. last night we made caipirinhas in a cooking pot and served them out of a big water barrel then went to a forro. did i mention we were staying above a pizzeria, on the floor of the owners bedroom? that little adventure deserves its own entry, which i'll probably never get around to writing.

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photo by: nili_adrian