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this weekend is special. Thursday is some sort of catholic (i.e. national) holiday, i don't work on fridays, and tuesday is a citywide holiday (black awareness day). So taking off one day of work (monday), i've got myself a dandy little 6 day weekend.

Moreover, Friday is my BIRTHDAY!

I only have a handful of friends in the city and none of them know each other, so having a conventional party would be awkward and hard to organize. My family offered to have a dinner in my honor, but I'm going to take advantage of the weekend instead.

I'm going to Iguaçu, baby.

My original big-backpacking-trip-round-december-to-march plan was to start at foz iguaçu and work my way north. there wasn't anything else in southern brazili felt i particularly HAD to see, so the first month or so would be sites I'd either already seen or just thought might be kinda ncie. By going to foz now, i can focus the whole trip on the northeast, which is really where the action is.

So this morning i woke up early, and bought my bus tickets and a R$60 backpack (it's big enough, but the hip straps are narrow and have basically no padding) before class. Im leaving tomorrow during the holiday, which should make the traffic leaving the city a little easier.

I'm going to overpack on purpose. I'm bringing all my guides, a few books, and about a weeks worth of clothes even though i've only planned to stay 4 days. I'm going to use this trip as a guinea pig. I haven't gone on a long backpacking trip since I was in high school, so I want to make sure my system works before I really hit the road. Totally unnecessary, but whatever. I need the exercise.

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Sao Paulo
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