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Despite the luau last night i woke up pretty early today, like 9 or something. suffice it to say i was underslept and hung over, so i hurried on over to the padaria for coffee and had myself a big breakfast, listening to music on my mp3 player and reading foucault. i've been working on "discipline and punish for a while now, but only lately have i really started to get into the book. today i decided to go read at this bar i saw on the beach called "lazy days" that had really comfortable looking furniture (like, think very fluffy cushions and hammocks). yesterday i went straight to the beach with my book, so i decided to do the same today. little did i realize it was getting late, and before i knew it it was 1pm and i was still wearing my shorts and hadn't put on sunscreen (it was overcast and i was in the shade, so all good). i had promised myself i wouldn't take my mp3 player to the beach, but i guess i felt like this didn't count: the bar is on stilts, so i was far enough grom the sand and water to keep my baby safe. but yeah, at the bar i did alot of reading and played myself in alot of chess.

as the afternoon rolled around, i decided enough was enough. i went back to my apartment, changed, got sunscreened up, left my mp3 player behind, and grabbed the manuscript i was supposed to edit a month ago. had a gigantic sandwich for lunch back at the bar, got back to reading, and got some work done for the first time in about 3 weeks.

i decided to have another cooking experiment for dinner. i made a nice little meat sauce for my pasta (yeah, i'm such a bad cook that this was an experiment). i thought i made too much sauce, so i made all the pasta i had to compensate. bad idea. the amount of sauce i made was actually just fine, but the pot was too small for all the pasta. now i had too little sauce of rhte pasta, which didn't cook right. well....learning experience anyway.

that night the city got busy again. after the meal i didn't have the energy to go out, but when i woke up the next morning, i could here forro from one of the parties still playing. thatw as at 6am. not too shabby.

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Canoa Quebrada
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