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I'm living in this little apartment behind my cousin/uncles (he's my mom's cousin. I call him my uncle, he calls me his cousin. whatever) house, basically a guest-apartment, which totally rocks. Got my own bathroom, hardwood floors, a dresser just big enough to hold all my clothes, and even my own tv that i can not watch!

so i'm pretty well set up right now. Only problem is: where are all the younhg people at? everyone in my family is much older than me, so i can't really go by the friend-of-a-friend route, and SP isn't exactly a young peoples city, so i'm having trouble finding hangouts. Hopefully my cousin flavia will be able to show me aroudn to some of the hipper spots. if all else fails all jsut start hanging around local universities or something....nothing's really close to the house though, just this big ass shopping center.

here's the current job situation: I've got an interview lined up with this one school, but I'm going to be travelling for the first week of school, so that might cause a problem. From what I understand, they need teachers however they can get em, so maybe my travel plans won't be such a big deal. My friend Ben is coming down to travel with me (arrives tomorrow, bitches!) so i can't really cut the travel plans out or he'll kill me dead. Also, I might have a job as a more private english teacher for business professionals, which will probably pay better but i might need to arrange some form of transportation for that gig.

so to summarize: cool house, need a job, can't find people my age. Of course, this is only day #2 in the country (and last night i went to see a show featurign the Rio de Janeiro orchestra..not the youngest crowd. lots of family though!).

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Sao Paulo
photo by: joesu