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Today was a fun day. for starters, it sprinkled rain on and off all day, which was refreshing in the humid heat.

after breakfast i headed over to the hostel to kick it with people because, well, having a room on my own is fun, but my pousada is boring. at the hostel i met an english girl, liz, who apparently writes for some new travel guide. i'm totally going to try to get in on that gig! soudns like it doesn't pay very well, but could be fun. only time and research will tell if it's worth it.

for lunch, a group of us went down to this nearby restuarant that i always sort of avoid because the owner is kind of annoying and can't seem to serve me a caipirinha that doesn't have ants in it (yeah, that guy). at the restaurant i was frustrated to find that they didn't have half the food on the menu, but what i got was nice enough anyway.

in the middle of our meal, a parade marched by. not that unusual in olinda these days, but this bloco was HUGE. i think it was a local school or something, but it was incredibly animated. lots of different little frevo and maractu troops all merged together in one big mess of teenagers and families having a good time. some kids were marching with berimbaus, which led to a spontaneous capoeira roda opening up in the street for about 30 seconds (moving parade you know). on top of all the typical banners representing the blocos and bands, people were carrying all osrts of messages of peace and equality, it was cool.

after the parade, we got slightly ripped off for our caipirinhas, but a little complaining got us a freebie that no one wanted to drink.

after lunch i took a power nap and woke up to some very loud frevo pumping form the stage across the street. a quick investigation revealed that in front of the stage were 640 musicians, all playing together. a little excessive, but really cool. i headed over to the hostel to alert the troops, but we only made it out in time to catch the tail end. at the party, as always, i ran into my local friend tiago. that guy is EVERYWHERE!

after kicking it there a little bit, we decided to find more music. not hard. after walking a few blocks to the main square we were intercepted by a marching frevo group we decided to follow, which led us to an all girl maracatu, which we danced to for a bit before following two more frevos with dancers and then a marching batucada that tailed a kombi that had a loudspeakers on the roof a cavaquinho (like a ukuelele) player and a singer were plugged into. you get the idea.

we drank a bit in there too. to be honest, it's been an effort piecing the whole evening together through the gaps in my memory. I tried a drink called a capeta that someone had otl dme about earlier at lunch. i think it's cachaca, guarana powder, and condensed milk. very different drink. the other kids ordered up some passion fruit caipirinhas and were served batidas, which one of the girls hated so much she handed off to me. fine by me, i love em, but double fisting hard alcohol ain't the best idea, you know?

i danced quite alot. drinking loosens me up and just makes me move wheni hear music. a taught the hostel gringos the few moves i'd been shown for frevo and maracatu, and well, personally danced so much a totally soaked my shirt (not the rains doing, trust me). i convinced a few people to follow me back to my pousada so i could drop it off and came back to the streets topless minus my candomble beads. what can i say, it was hot, i was dancing alot, and i gave up. outside, the main stage was playing forro and samba. one of the girls from the hostel had told me she learned forro in london, so we danced a bit which was awkward because she was way way taller than me.

we headed back to the main drag, met the others, and had a snack. after kicking it alittle bit we decided it was late enough for us to go to this forro club we'd heard was supposed to be good. on the way back we encountered a samba playing outside a bar and a few of us hung out to enjoy the party. for some reason lots of old drunk women kept approaching me to dance, but whatever, i was in a fun mood. oneof em spilled her drink on me (i was still shirtless here, so not a huge disaster), so i took that que to head out. after a quick shower i grabbed a shirt and headed over to the hostel to meet the others. i only ran into one kid form the crew i started with, an aussie who's name i can't remember.

we headed out to find a crowd hanging out outside the club. surprise surprise, i ran into tiago again! i also bumped into a guy who works at my new pousada and i hung out a bit with him and some wierd locals i met. after a drink outside, we all headed in.

apparently my language isn't the only aspect of my brazilian identity tha has enhanced since i've been here: tonight i learned that i have officially been in the country long enough to dance a half-decent forro. i probably danced with like 10 or 15 different girls that night. after the party i found some friends from the hostel next door at a luncheonette and sat down with them for a burger. we left as twilight began to trun the sky interesting colors behind the palm trees; i didn't end up getting to bed until about 5am.

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photo by: Paulovic