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next day we started off with poco diabo, a nearby waterfall that feeds a deep pole. toshi came along for the fun, but melissa and her dad had other plans. at the beginning of the trail was a tree loaded with monkeys. and by loaded i mean there were probably 20 of them.

when we got to the waterfall, everyone was all apprehensive about getting in the water. fuck that. i immediately got down to my bathing suit, jumped in, and swam to the fall. the water was cold, but it was really refreshing, and the waterfall shower was nice. a carioca in our group, gustavo, jumped in shortly after and he and i were the only ones. after goofing off under the waterfall, we decided to cliff jump into the pole. his wife filmed the jump, so that was cool.

next up was morro do pai inacio, home to the famous postcard-picture view of the island. sadly the valley was super cloudy, and the guides weren't willing to put off the morro for sundown. even foggy, the view was beautiful. also, there's a really wierd little ecosystem on top of the chapadas, filled with really fragile plants, cactii, succulents, and tiny little flowers. sort of an alien place, really cool.

after the morro, we went to pratinha.

had lunch with toshi, then checked out gruta pratinha, a cave fed crystal clear water by a nearby river.

toshi and i were the only ones there when we got there. there was a kayak in the water, and i wanted a picture of the cave without the kayak, so i waded in to get it outta the way. then i kept going. really really cool cave. a guide came by and told me to come back; apparently walking is a non, floating only: kicking up the silt on the bottom is bad. upon turning around to go back, i was greeted by a school of fish who had followed my, and promptly started nibbling at my skin. it only tickled, but the whole scene was really surreal, kinda spooky.

afterwards we went to go play in the river. the river that feeds the cave is filled with tiger lilys and the little fish that nibbled at me. everywhere i went, there was a ton of fish following me, and apparently only me. i occupied myself playing with the fish. the fish attracted little kids, and toshi used to be a swimming teacher, so he was in his element goofing off with them. they kept calling him "chinesinho" even though he's japanese. i got a little kick outta that.

getting outta the water i got a huge thorn stuck in my foot.

i was luckily it didn't hit a vessel, because according to my guide this particular thorn has a natural anticoagulant in it, so that would've been messy.

after fixing my foot, we saw the nearby poco azul, a cave with super blue water, then left for lapa doce, a bigger cave. the tour through lapa doce was interesting. the cave guide had an old school gas lantern. he stopped only at formations that looked "like something." there was an angel, a lion, an get the idea. kinda silly how most tourists are only interested in things that have names.

back at the hostel, a french couple i'd met invited me to a beer in the living room. nice kids, and interesting. the guy was french, and the girl was spanish. really they were just boyfriend and girlfriend, but the girl was a spanish teacher in the public school system, and apparently teacher placement is based on a scroing system. you get points for being married, so they had gotten married for convenience.                                                                                                   

toshi was invited to the beers, but wasn't game. that was the last i saw of him, cause he left that night, leaving a note with his contact info behind. oh well, would've liked to have said goodbye.

the french kids and i went to the cachacaria for a pizza dinner and drinks. melissa and her dad happened by, stopped to chat, then went to bode grill for dinner. i told the french couple how i thought it was a shame that melissa was leaving and blah blah blah you get the idea.

after dinner, as we sipped batidas, melisa came back! she didn't drink, but sat down anyway. we began to talk and the french couple could feel a vibe forming and left us in private. we stayed and talked till late. finally i invited her to go for a walk, and she said ÿeah, i'd love to but i don't have much time

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photo by: esterrene