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The bus was a red eye. I spent most of the ride listening to music and talking to these two bermudans who were sitting behind me. They made bermuda sound liek a really surreal place. The island is small and has become a locus for international insurance companies. The rapid economic growth on the island has reached capacity and now there are "more accoutnant jobs on the island than the population can satisfy." It's like some wierd, douglas adams-ish dystopia. A bunch of insurance companies fighting for space on a 21 sq mile island. wierd wild stuff.

I checked into the hostel at the same time as this english kid alex. We ended up being put in the same room, and after running our respective errands, we also ended up waiting for the bus at the same time. So we hit the brazilian side together.

The brazilian side was gorgeous. only problem is there's really only one trail along the falls, so everyone is packed into the same trail. Kinda lame, makes you feel a little rushed to keep moving.

After parting ways with alex, I decided I wanted to hike a little. i didn't realize that the marked trails through the forest are all operated by third party ecotourism companies, and they're all expensive. so that was lame. I asked around someone told me taht parque da aves across the street was cool and would let me hike.

When i got there, i got the suspicious feeling that this "national park" was really a zoo. I was right. pretty birds, but not what I was looking for.

When I got back to the hostel, I had a laid back night drinking lightly and exchanging travel stories at the hostel (they have their own bar by the pool! how cool is that?)

All in all, very anti-climactic birthday.

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Foz do Iguacu
photo by: joesu