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Yeah… Like I was saying…

Really wish I could have stayed in Salzburg longer, but I guess that’s just how things pan out sometimes… Feeling like I haven’t quite finished with the town means that I have a good excuse to go back, right?!?

The train ride was great, but at the same time I was glad to get off and stretch my legs. Everyone was telling me that Vienna is simple, in and out in a couple of days max, so I arranged my accommodation and transport to Prague ahead of time to make sure that I had somewhere to stay. What have I learned about #1 - trusting everyone else’s opinions about cities and #2 - planning ahead? Well, in case you missed the obvious answer to that one, what I have learned is that both are stupid. A city is definitely what you make of your time there, and sometimes people have different interests.

So, here I am, in this amazing country, the classical music capital of the world, and I have completely limited my time to a ridiculous extent. If only I knew how much I was going to like it… Ugh.

So, having only 2 nights to see everything I wanted to see in Vienna, I just kind of wanted to get stuck into the city. But really, no matter how fast you walk/run/tram/bus around the city, 2 days is not enough. Austria has some amazing things to offer, and not necessarily in a particularly compact space like some places.

So, the first day was very blah, more walking around than anything else since the guy that I was travelling with was really sick, in a very bad state and not up for much of anything. Just meandered around town checking out the basic sights during the afternoon then again at night-time when we went to grab a slice of pizza for dinner. I guess that by the time we got there late afternoon there’s not a lot of sightseeing that we could have done anyway!

Had an early night so that I could spend the next day on a whirlwind tour of the city… That’s the plan…

So, pretty early in the morning as soon as breakfast was over went for a walk to the station to send Nico on his way, he’s heading to Greece and I’ve already been there twice (although I’m severely jealous that he’s going to all the islands that I want to see, and to top it off the weather‘s great there at the moment!) and then got absolutely stuck into the sightseeing stuff.

I was basically on a Church and classical music mission, there’s so much of each in this city… I must’ve walked a million miles in that short day! The Stephansdom (St Stephen’s Cathedral) was amazing, but there were so many tourists in there that I started to get a little stressed out. It was the first day I’ve spent alone in a long time, and I was craving a little space that I just wasn’t getting. So I continued along my little trek absolutely craving a nice peaceful little Church somewhere that there was no tourists, and much to my surprise, I came across a Maltese Church in the middle of Vienna…

I kind of felt like God had given me a little solace and escape from the world just as I had been craving, until I read that it is actually one of the most important religious sites in Vienna, which completely put me back in my place as I realised that’s the whole world doesn’t revolve around me. Guess you need a reality check every now and then!

But it was a beautiful little Church dedicated to St John the Baptist, and a really peaceful place, just the escape I needed from everyone and everything to get my head a little straight. Don’t really know how long I was in there for, but by the time I left it was freezing outside and I had to start heading towards home if I was going to be ready in time to catch up with the friend I had made plans with…

So I continued my little classical composer tour through the city, hunting down the stars and the significant buildings, and got home in heaps of time to get ready and then sit for a few beers with some of the boys from the hostel.

I had planned to meet up with Charlie, a fabulously random kiwi chick that I met in Olympos, Turkey last year since she’s living in Vienna. So, my only mission for the night was to bring some Australian wine and find my way there on the U-Bahn. Or the S-Bahn. Or whichever one it is that takes me near her place. Doesn’t sound that hard, I had all the directions and it should have been easy as pie. Except that when I got to the station I got the right train but in the wrong direction. So, as I’m counting the stations that I’m passing and get to the 6th one which should have been my stop, it wasn’t. Didn’t take a genius to figure out that I’m an idiot and can’t follow arrows, so had to get back on a train and start all over again, back to my local station and then find the train in the right direction (another idiot-move… Of course if I got the train back to where I started then i could have just stayed on the one that I got back to the start, but clearly I’m not that smart…) So, went back to the original station and finally got on the right train where I slumped but eagerly counted the stations and actually confirmed that I was going to the right place. Poor Charlie, waiting in the cold for me, bless her! By the time we started walking to the station I realised that I had left my Australian wine on the train, so I guess someone was toasty drunk by he time they got home with a whole bottle of white in them! Well I hope it went to someone who needed it! End result, I completely failed in the 2 easy tasks that I was given, I was late and I had no wine. Idiot!

Anyway, went back to Charlie’s place where she cooked a fantastic traditional Austrian meal and sat around catching up on the last 6 months gossip! It was so nice to sit and have a home cooked meal, I will never ever take home cooking for granted ever again. Promise. She even somehow managed to remember that I’m vegetarian (thankfully) since I didn’t even remember to mention it. Man, I’m such a bad guest, but fortunately she made up for it by being a great host!!!

Being St Patrick’s Day, after dinner we headed down to her local Irish Pub for a few celebrations. Had a couple of beers but didn’t last more than a couple of hours before we had had enough of all of the drunks in there and we called it a night. It was so good to catch up though, had a fun night. Just missed the last train home, so had to find my way on the bus, wasn’t so bad though, pretty simple system.

The next day I had to be up early to check out of the hostel, so I was glad that it wasn’t a big night. Got up and got all my stuff together and headed to the station to find my way from Westbahnhopf to Sudbahnhopf, so that I could get to Czech Republic before dark…

As always, stay tuned for another adventure there…

Love you all, miss you all… Countdown is on!!!



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photo by: hellenica