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Well, ok, I know that the last blog was very short for me, but c'mon… I was so severely jetlagged… You should see the pics, massive bags under my eyes and stuff. So I've recovered now and am settling into the different time zone. Oh, and sorry for all the messages and stuff that I've sent at, like, 4am, it's hard to grasp the 8 hour time difference at first. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Sliema was great, caught up with my Great Aunty Doris from San Gwann who I haven't seen for more that 15 years, and she still looks exactly the same!!! I've been walking around LOTS, man I'm gonna be sooo fit by the time I get home (Rach - you'd be impressed with the rate that my calves are growing, what with carrying my pack up hills and all… Liz - I need a massage!!!)!!! I've seen some amazing sights. The view from Sliema across to Valletta on the other side was beautiful. You know that picture I always had up on my desk of Malta? (well, I guess most of you have never seen my desk, but just nod your head and agree with me…) Well that was the same view that I got to see here with my very own eyes, and it was like everything I've always dreamed it would be! The people here are not at all what I expected. I mean, here we are on a beautiful island that's very conveniently placed in the Mediterranean Sea, the weather is amazing and everything is pretty (including the people!) But everyone frowns all day. Everywhere you walk around the streets, everyone looks miserable. So I just keep grinning like an idiot as usual.

From Sliema I moved onto Bugibba, which is a bit further North. Caught a bus, found our way there (barely!) and have checked out more fortizza and knisja (yeah, fancy Maltese words for "Fort" and "Church"). No partying yet, cos I'm still with my mum (sorry Ma, yes, you're still cool and all, but…) but there's plenty of time for that anyway... I'm trying not to be a massive geek of a tourist, but I carry my camera everywhere, and am constantly walking around reading a map. Geek. I've done lots more dumb stuff, like getting stuck on the chair at breakfast the other morning. I still don't know how I did it, but I managed to get my belt loop all twisted around this swirly thing on the back of the chair, so when I went to get up I almost fell flat on my face. It took a few people to get me untangled, so I had all these people hanging around my butt and laughing at me. L I guess it woulda been kinda funny if it was someone else though… But yeah, back to things that are not embarrassing… My Great Aunt came to see us again and I met a second cousin that I've never heard of before… She was nice, but she did reinforce my opinion that Maltese people are really crap at parallel parking. The cars are all tiny, but even so, they just can't get it right (shut up Matt, I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about Maltese people IN Malta…)

Went to see the most incredible place - Mosta Dome. I remember my grandparents telling me about it when I was a kid… In the war in 1942, 3 bombs were dropped on the church… Mass was about to begin, so there were about 300 people inside. The first 2 bombs actually bounced off the church and didn't explode, but the third pierced through the dome roof and skidded through the aisle, and it stopped without detonating… I can't imagine what would concrete your belief in God more than something like that happening in His house… The church was beautiful, amazing, spectacular, breathtaking… It was really humbling to walk inside, and I felt really special to be there. Check out the pics! Seen a heap of other churches too, I don't really know why they fascinate me so, but they do!

Oh, and the guesthouse I'm staying in… Well, those who were fans of "Bubba Gump's Shrimp Co" in Manila (hahaha, the tackiest theme restaurant in the world!) would love it here. It's called the Buccaneer, and is designed kinda like, yes, really, a pirate ship (hey Yollibee - "Shiver Me Timbers" mate!). The décor is so tacky, but it's ok I guess, we have a private room and shower, and it's clean. The dude that runs the place (OMG, did I just say "dude"???) was a massive grump at first, but then he warmed to us when he found out that we have family here. I think he's just over the English tourists. All the people here are English, and they're old. Ugh. Everything is about damned Ramsey St, they ask all sorts of ridiculous questions, and its almost as though they think that we know Toady and whoever else the characters are! So I crushed them by telling them that it's not actually called Ramsay St, and that Australia is not like that at all… Mauhahahahaha. They've all given me a new nickname - "Starvin" cos wen we came down for breakfast the other morning i said that i was starving, and they didn't get what i meant. Ugh!.

I found the coolest bar - an "Elvis Tribute Bar" that has everything Elvis that you could ever imagine, it was so fabulously tacky! And I went for a swim in the Mediterranean, it was ace. You can just jump off the rocks into the Sea, it's so different to at home where you walk in, here you don't have that option, and there's no sand!

I'm rambling, so i'm gonna rack off. If you're wondering about this weeks title, no, it's not technically summer here, it's autumn. But I was walking around Bugibba and there was an old Maltese man in his front room and he had that song absolutely pumping, you could hear it a block away, so it's still suck in my head…

Well, I'm off again, next stop Valletta (still in Malta!)

Until next time, miss you, love you.

Nath - the pics online are ace. So hot!

Leni - i bought postcards today...

Kris - How's mumma? 

Oh, and one more thing.. I'm going to be a bridesmaid again. Yay!




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