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When we got to Brasov we were all a little hazy, a little disoriented, pretty much like anyone would be after spending so long on a train. I got a lot of sleep (I’m sure I was the only one!) but sleep on a train doesn’t really count for much. So, we had directions about which bus to catch and everything, and after wandering back and forth for a while we found it, boarded ok and then got ridiculously lost. I realised a little too late that we had completely missed our stop so we got off the bus thinking we could backtrack using the map, should all be ok. Seemed like we walked for hours from there trying to find our way, Charlie was following the map and he was sure that he knew where he was going so we walked and walked and walked. We reached a point where he said that the hostel should be in front of us, and it turns out that he’s looking at the wrong mark on the map and the street that he’s been so adamantly searching for is not the street that we want at all! Lol… Oh well, it wasn’t that far from the right direction, and armed with the correct destination it was easy to find the hostel just in time for us to all collapse on the couch like lumps of clay for a little while.

The weather was shocking there, raining so hard that I could barely see in front of me. Not the kind of weather for trekking out to Bran castle to visit Dracula, or for doing anything, really… So it was the laziest day in the history of mankind. I got the feeling that the rest of my trip was going to be a little more laid back from here in anyway, I mean, I have seen and done so many great things since I began that I don’t feel the same pressure to see everything there is to see, like it’s not so urgent to cram in every Church, building, mountain, castle, ruin, river, everything. Ok, well, maybe not the rivers, I still want to see all of those!

I did finally manage to book a (very expensive) flight back to Malta… I had been procrastinating over it for a while trying to find a cheaper way there but had no success, it seems that the budget airlines don’t fly the Bulgaria - Malta route… Funny that! But flight is now booked for the 24th April so that I can have a week of family and sun and nothing much else.

Next day a few of us managed to get out to Bran Castle, on the lookout for Dracula and all that jazz, but it was a really nice castle from the outside, anyway. Inside, well, it as a castle. Old furniture, although not as old as you’d think because most of it was renovated in the last hundred years. I guess, after over a dozen castles, a castle is a castle. The views from the top were great, it’s a shame it was so cold or I could’ve stayed up there in the sun for ages. Spent the day being tourists, takings pictures and ogling buildings and churches.

On my last day in Brasov finally the sun was out. It seems to always happen that way lately, have the shitty weather while you’re there but then as soon as you’re leaving the sunn comes out and the birds are singing. But it’s ok, I’m sure the weather will be good in Bucharest too. We decided to get an afternoon train back, it’s not that far, maybe 2 and a half hours or so… So spent the last day in town…

We all walked through the narrowest street in Romania, which I thought was severely overrated, I mean, yeah, technically it is a street because that is how it was always classified, but they are hugely glorifying it… It’s really just a little alleyway between buildings, not a street at all!!! We went up to one of the towers for a view over the city… It was a nice spot to sit and chill in the sun looking at the mountains and the little stream below us. Would have been nice if there was a big river there, I still can’t stop obsessing with rivers lately!

Went and checked out a couple of churches too, and then went back to get our stuff together so we could make the train in time.

When we got there we went to get tickets, Charlie and Grace were there too because they were going to get the same train to Bucharest and then head straight to Bulgaria from there, I was going to stay in Bucharest for a little while. They needed to go to an ATM but none were working at the station, so an old lady offered to change their money for them. They almost went for it but I talked them out of it, there are so many sketchy people hanging out at train stations that you never really know who to trust. The old lady was adamant and basically demanding that she change their money for them, so we pretty much ran away and sorted it out ourselves, got our tickets and made the train after stopping to stock up on our collective new addiction, sunflower seeds. Don’t ask. In between sunflower seeds, pretzels and peanuts…

Anyway, I guess you will e relieved to know that this is a much shorter blog than the epic saga’s that I have been dishing out lately!!!

I’ll try to keep them short from now on… No promises though!

But, til I manage to post my Bucharest blog, have fun, be good…

Talk to you all soon.





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