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Well, we're on the move again… Now I'm staying in Valletta, in a lovely little guesthouse called "Coronation". You have to walk about 3 million steps to get to our room (yeah, now imagine doing it with 20 kilos on your back…) I've been here 4 days now, and Ma's been real sick for about a week. She's got a chest infection, so I'm tryin to balance being a loving daughter and tending to her while she's in bed, and keeping enough distance to not breathe in her icky germs. Here I was thinking that I could sleep through anything - try sharing a room with someone who's coughing like they swallowed a grizzly bear and he's trying to escape… I was so grumpy after being awake all night! Other than that, it's been a great week so far.

This city is absolutely amazing, when you first walk through the city gate you just kind of stare in awe. It was built in the 16th century by the Order of the Knights of St John, and the whole town is world heritage listed… It was the first planned city in Europe, the streets are all in straight lines, kinda like Melbourne's CBD… The whole city is walled in like a massive fortress. There's a whole story behind it from eons ago, but I won't give you all the details. The whole history of the many wars that this country has seen is amazing, they're the most resilient people and have survived so much hardship. Do you know that at one point they were bombed for 157 days straight? That's about 3 times longer than England had to withstand. Anyway, like I said, I won't give you the whole history lesson… This time…

My second cousin Martha came with her husband Leonard and drove us from Bugibba to Valletta, and I spent the day wandering around the town checking out the sights and churches that are around. Most of the town was closed when we arrived for Siesta (it's the best idea ever, when are we going to introduce it in Oz? C'mon Johnny…) Had to put Ma to bed cos she was real pale, so I went out on a mission on a Sunday night here to find some food that I could get take away. Found a restaurant that was open, but they don't do takeaways, so it took all of my girly charm (and cleavage) to convince them. It worked. Took the pasta home to Ma, only to discover that we don't have any cutlery. Ever seen someone eat penne with no fork? Not a pretty sight, don't ask!

We've been going out checking out the town in the mornings, and then in the afternoons I've been going out alone looking at churches and stuff. I walked right around the outside of the city (all the way around!) and then accidentally kept walking to Floriana. Whoops. Got myself a little lost but found my way ok. Today I took a bus out to Paola to the Tarxien Temples. They're ruins that date back to 3300BC, and some of the stones have intricate spirals and pictures carved into them… And the first of the "fat ladies" was found there, As usual, check out the pics!!! There was a couple of beautiful churches out there too, Church of Christ the King, and Santa Tereza. Look at the photo's man, I can't describe them…

Yesterday we spent the day with my Great Aunty, and my second cousins Martha and Mary-Rose. Went to see all of their houses, they were huge! One of them has a massive house that is, like, 4 stories high! We sat around telling life stories and eating lots (I finally had the home cooked meals that I have been craving), and found out a lot of family history from before they all migrated.

I've been eating more Pastizzi than any normal person ever should, having them for lunch every day, they're just so darned good!

Here in Valletta, there are so many churches that all night and day you can hear the church bells ringing. It's really, I don't know what word I'm looking for… Umm, It's very overwhelming and amazing I guess, to be in the midst of all of this culture and history.

Well, I'm off to bed, will write again soon, hopefully now that ma's on medication she'll get better and I'll have some more adventures for you shortly.

Until then, love you all, miss you all.

You'd better be missing me lots!

PS... Do you like my pretty new background?




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photo by: Vikram