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Without a word of a lie, Salzburg must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I had heard so much about the place from other travellers along the way, always with the same advice - must see! The ride there was actually really nice, the inspiring views that I’ve become accustomed to were amazing and well worth staying awake for despite only getting a few hours sleep the night before.

I just can’t get over the scenery in the European countryside… Every train or bus ride brings something new… I don’t know why anyone would want to fly from city to city, you get so much more out of the land route. I mean, I guess like anything, if you live here you don’t appreciate it so much as someone who is seeing it for the first time, true? But still, it’s so stunningly beautiful, and like I said, every town and city along the way is different. Then there’s the whole eco side to things, trains vs planes… But I won’t drain you with my ranting!

So, arriving there still with my positive outlook from this morning’s coffee experience, we trudged around the town in search of our hostel, still with the burning in my shoulder that is now setting in every time I pick up my pack and trying desperately to ignore the pain in my broken toe, and now on top of that I have a piece missing from my thumb, which makes carrying stuff great, I keep on ripping open the wound. Man, I’m falling apart. But life goes on, and once again it’s time for me to stop my whining if I want any hope of you guys reading on…



Found our hostel fairly easy, and since we have to make it to Vienna before the 17th we’re now on a ridiculously limited schedule. We had already arranged accommodation in Vienna for 2 nights later, but arriving I instantly doubted whether that was the best thing… But then again, it forces me to move on instead of spending a week looking at the same beautiful things here, and gives me an excuse to come back one day. So anyway.

Went for a walk into the old town, thought we might hit up the castle straight away. But by the time we got through the town it was getting late in the afternoon and we didn’t really want to get all the way up there only to pay and see it for half an hour, so decided that would be a mission for tomorrow. Instead we spent the afternoon walking around the old town seeing what was around, gazing adoringly at everything in sight, and checking out some incredible churches. Walking into the Dom, the most stunningly beautiful Church in town, I had heard a flautist playing some amazing pieces, but because of the lovely winding streets that we were surrounded by, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. So we went into the Church and I was absolutely blown away by the place… One of the most stunning and moving Churches I have seen in my life. The whole time I was in there I just kept thinking how this day just kept getting better and better. Stayed inside for ages, just had trouble tearing myself away from the place. By the time we finally walked out of the place, we were once again surrounded by the music of the unbelievably talented but elusive flautist. So, went on a mission to find where the music was coming from. Didn’t take all that long, and when we did find him he was playing one of my favourite pieces ever, one of the pieces that I played in my exams so long ago. He played every note to such perfection that I had goosebumps up and down my arms and legs. I don’t know how long we stood and listened for, but again, I just couldn’t walk away. In fact, he played so brilliantly that despite my complete lack of funds at the moment I gave him all of my change! I wanted to stay all afternoon and listen, but there was so much more town to see that after thanking him between pieces I had to slowly back away.

We spent pretty much the whole day just hanging about town, eating pretzels (I’ve never had one before!) and fresh fruit from the market stalls, and visiting every Church I set eyes on. Then we went and found the Mirabell Gardens, beautiful cultivated gardens full of Greek statues at a palace that were built by a prince-archbishop for his mistress about 400 years ago (they had 15 children together… eeek!) And in the same gardens is the Zauberflötenhäuschen (The Magic Flute Summer-House), which is where Mozart is thought to have composed “The Magic Flute”…. And I saw the place he was born, the place he grew up, the Church where he was baptized where he was an organist and composed some of his music. It was fabulous, clearly this is the place in the world where I belong!

It was such a perfect day, the only thing lacking was some nice weather… But that really didn’t matter, I was so immersed in the city that nothing could have ruined my day. Had a very quiet night, a couple of beers and some family guy. The crowd at the hostel was really young and not very interesting, I definitely needed to settle down for a few nights anyway, and I wanted to tackle the castle in the morning.

So, first thing the next day we headed out to find some amazing weather… I don’t know where it came from, but the sun was shining as if I was in Melbourne. But the time we reached the top of the castle it was streaming down, I must’ve sat out in the courtyard for an hour just soaking it up. It felt like it was 25 degrees, although it really can’t have been. So, day 2 in Salzburg was setting itself up to live up to day 1!!! After we had done the whole castle we spent the rest of the day drifting around the old town, the river and the gardens. There were people out everywhere, I mean who would stay indoors on such a randomly hot day. Sat by the river people watching, searched out some more Mozart sites and Churches around town.

I can’t even say enough about how stunning the old town is, it really left me speechless (hmmm… “speechless” and yet I’m back to rambling…)

The evening was another quiet one, no beer at all!!! Just went for a walk around the new town alone to catch up on “me time” and clear my head before heading to bed ready to (reluctantly) leave the next morning bound for Vienna.

After the couple of sober nights, getting up early was no problem (for once) and we bounced to the train station with loads of time to spare. The train ride was another great one, I know, I know, I keep draining the bus/train journeys, but the landscapes that you get to see are spectacular… Mountains, fields, the Austrian countryside, the small towns, there is just so much to see!!!

But the further we got from Salzburg, the more convinced I was that I will be back there soon as I can… Hopefully that’s not too far away.

But until then, next stop Vienna.

Catch you there.

Love Seh.


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