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Welcome back!!! Went back to London intending on staying only a couple of days and then running away before I did something silly like decide to stay forever… But…

Hmmm… Was that ever really going to happen? Unlikely. So I start the Scott chase again since he’s officially back in Luton. And what do you know? Of course he’s not going to be there… Of course. Scott… Do you EVER stay in one place for more than 5 minutes??? Anyway, decided that I would stay the whole week so I could catch him before I go. I mean, it’s been 3 years since we last caught up in Oz, and that’s far too long already!

The first day I was so scattered from the horrible overnight bus ride that I pretty much went straight back to my friends place and slumped for the whole day. Once I finally recovered went back to the standard sightseeing during the day and partying at night. Nico had checked into a hostel and we figured we’d try to catch up in Belgium or the Netherlands if we were there at the same time, but I was randomly wandering the streets and who pops his head out of a café that I was walking past? Yep, Nico. So, went to the British Museum with him to try to see some more of the place, but it’s so big and there’s so much to see that you could spend a week and not do it all. So we went to try to find the best things that I’ve already drained enough.

Like I said, the whole week was the same thing as before, sightseeing (yeah, a few more visits to the British Library and Treasury, but c‘mon… I can‘t get enough of the place!!!) and partying, although I did finally accomplish something, I booked my ticket back to the mainland… I figured that if I didn’t book it ahead I was never going to leave (not that that would be a bad thing, I love it here!)

One random evening Ian took me for a tour of the city at night… It was magical. London is a cool enough place during the day, but walking around the sights at night is incredible. The Tower Bridge, Big Ben and all of the other sights that I’ve already seen - lit up at night they are spectacular, it’s like a completely different place. Walked across the Tower Bridge and honestly, I felt like I was about 3cm tall… It’s dauntingly huge, but from the centre you get the best view of the city down the river. After that one of his mates was having a dinner party, so had a fantastic home-cooked meal (which is a rare thing at the moment) and had a great night.

Friday night was a massive bender, there was a bar where we got free drinks all night, then went to another bar that was closing down that weekend so drank some more. It was huge, and again my head was deservedly sore when I got up in the morning to find my way to Luton to finally catch up with Scott. Had a blast in Luton, there’s not too much out there but went out for a huge meal then out partying and partying and partying. It was so good to finally see him after 3 years and a seemingly endless fiasco! Fed some very snobby ducks in the morning who apparently weren’t interested in our bread and hung out for the rest of the day before trekking back to London so I could leave in the morning.

My last evening was spent slumped exhausted on the couch catching up with Ian and the guys for one last time over a couple (yes, only a couple) of beers and trying to get to bed as early as possible.

The cheapest way for me to get back to mainland and to Brussels was on the first Eurostar which goes across the channel through the Eurotunnel. I was so scattered from getting up so early. I had to set my alarm for 4am so I could get up and have a very strong coffee before getting the bus at 4:55am. Yes, 4:55am. No, definitely, you heard me… 4:55 A M!!! Now, at the best of times I’m an early riser, but really, c’mon… Why does that time even exist other than when you’re still out from the night before!!!!!! So, got up early, left for the bus station about 10 minutes early only to see the bus drive by 10 mins early. Ugh! So then spent the next 15 minutes standing like an idiot at the bus station praying for the next bus to hurry it’s ass up and get here so I could make it in time. Finally it did come, and I got it to the tube station so I could get the tube to Kings Cross and then go over to Pancras for the international station. It seems like the whole place is under renovation, so I got completely lost in the stations and finally just in time I found my way to the right place and got on the train.

I wish I could say I fell asleep, but I couldn’t… By the time I got on all of the lower luggage shelves were full and it was only the one at the very top that was free. Anyone who has set eyes on me knows I’m not particularly tall (ok, I’m kinda short) and there’s no way I could ever lift my 25kg pack that far above my head, especially not at 6am. So, I dumped it in the aisle until I got in trouble and then someone finally offered to help me. I was stuck sitting next to an excessively irritating woman who filmed the entire journey and had no problem sticking the stupid video camera in my face at any moment. I would’ve told her to rack off except she didn’t speak a word of English, and she was about 5 times my size so I just had to shut up and put up with it the whole journey. It was all worth it though, for the mind blowing views and the sunrise that I got to see along the way. Words just can’t describe… Bleh!

So anyway, by the time I was finally getting off the train I was (as usual) tired and grumpy and hungry, but that’s a whole other story.

Leaving London made me realise it’s without a doubt the kind of city I could live in for a while, so I’ll unquestionably be going back there soon as I can (if only there was enough time in my life to go back to all of the countries that I am in love with… Oh well, we’ll see… Time will tell where in the world I end up!

Next stop, Belgium, see you there!



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photo by: joseph98