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When we got to Bucharest I had my map all ready to find the hostel that as usual I had not made a reservation at, but figured that they would have space for me anyway, I mean I’m only one person! Grace and Charlie quickly found that the train they were planning on catching was not running, so decided to stay one night in Bucharest before leaving in the morning instead. So the 3 of us decided that walking to the hostel would be a better option than trying to figure out the buses and headed in the direction of the hostel, packs on our backs and maps in our hands.

After more than an hour of walking we reached the spot where the hostel should be. But no hostel. We looked again and again at the map and everything else matched except the street that the hostel should be on, it was called something completely different than both of our maps showed. So I dumped my luggage with them and I went walking up and down checking all of the street signs against the map… Still, everything else matched up except the street that we wanted. Ugh. Asked a local guy for help, he couldn’t figure it out any more than we could, so we phoned the hostel and asked for directions. The directions that the girl gave us were completely whack, I don’t think that she had a clue where we actually were at the time but we followed the directions that she had given Grace and got completely lost again. So I called her again and explained exactly where we were, and she gave us a different set of directions which we followed. Still no hostel. In the end we asked someone in a restaurant where we could find the street and finally someone knew what we were talking about and pointed us there. Finally!!!

So we go inside and find that the girl has only one bed left for the night. Ugh ugh ugh!!! Why she didn’t tell us that over the phone I will never understand. But the others decided to head to another hostel closer to the station (after confirming that they had space this time, lol) and I figured I might as well stay since they were leaving in the morning and I was staying a few days. And Joe, the French guy from the smoking incident on the train was supposed to be staying here too, we’d told him we’d be back in a few days and would try to stay here. So anyway, they went to find the other hostel and we promised to meet up later for a drink, I ran into Joe and sat and had a well deserved beer or 2.

We decided to go out to a bar that was supposed to be pretty cool, so told the others to meet us there and headed over. It was pretty quiet there being the middle of the week, but we still had fun drinking and dancing. The others never quite made it out, after such a long day I guess that they were pretty exhausted and just got an early night so they could get their train in the morning. Oh well. We didn’t have a late night anyway, I was completely work out myself from the 2 and a half hour walk trying to find the hostel.

When I woke up early the next morning, the sun was out so I was determined to get out and enjoy finally having some good weather. I had my map prepared with all of the things in the city I wanted to see, great churches, museums, buildings, so many things, so I grabbed some breakfast and headed out. As I was walking I found a great little market in the side streets, mostly Gypsies (sorry, Roma…) selling handcrafts and things, it was really cool. Then continued my walking til I found a big park where I felt a sudden urge to stretch out on a park bench in the sun. So I did. After about an hour I thought I should get moving, so started walking again, found my way down to the river where there was another great park… Never guess what I did? Hahaha, yes, stretched out in the sun again, it was just too nice a day to be spent indoors when the weather was so good. I ended up spending the whole day lying in the sun, had a picnic alone in the park (well, cheese sandwiches…) and just relaxing. It was a really nice day despite the fact that I had really achieved nothing. I figured I could always see everything else tomorrow… J

At night everyone at the hostel was going out, so I went back and got changed and sat around with a whole bunch of people… So there was me, Joe, a couple of Canadian guys, a local guy, 2 very young American girls and another Canadian guy who was pretty young too. The American girls seemed to be on a mission to get so hammered that they couldn’t stand up, and one of them got so wasted that she was sick before we even went out. So, her friend put her to bed and the rest of us went out dancing. We found a pretty cool place, perfect for a night of drinking and dancing, and had been there for about 30 seconds when the other American girl started. She couldn’t stand up, and being the only other girl there I was the one who had to look after her all night. I don’t even know this girls name, and yet I was stuck cleaning her up in the toilets for an hour before finally going nuts at everyone else and forcing someone to take her home. I figured that since I was the one stuck cleaning her vomit off her face I definitely wasn’t going to be the one taking her home in a cab, I’d done my shift. After half an hour of arguing about it (keep in mind nobody actually knew her, we were all just staying at the same hostel) someone finally agreed to take her and we decided to all meet at a different club. So the other 5 of us jumped in a cab and went somewhere else, me laying across the others in the back of the cab so we could fit in… Yeah, not so comfortable, but cheaper that way!

When we arrived at the other club, turned out to be the sleaziest dodgiest expat bar I have ever seen in my life. It was terrible… Dirty old men, skanky women, everyone just tryig to pick up somebody, they didn’t really care who. Ewwww. But, we had promised to meet the other guy there so we were stuck. Ugh. Being the only girl left I completely felt like fresh meat in the place and stuck with the boys for the night dancing out butts off and steering clear of, well, everyone in the place. Wouldn’t you know it, the other guy never showed so we needn’t have bothered staying there all night, but oh well. We ended up having a really good night anyway, despite the crappy venue and even crappier music, and when we were leaving the cab driver’s all refused to take 5 of us in one cab but I finally convinced him that nobody would see me at all and he relented. So, I should never have complained about having to lie across the boys on the way there, cos this time I was stuck sitting on the floor between everyone’s feet. Lol... The things you do to save money, right?

I wanted to stay another night but there was no room at the same hostel, so was going to move to another hostel which was closer to the nightlife anyway. The Canadian boys were doing the same so after procrastinating until lunchtime we got the train over there and dumped our stuff. Turned out to be a pretty good hostel, really friendly and all. We went out to get some more sunlight, walked down to the river and found another really nice park that we wandered around for a while. So yeah, so much for me actually seeing the sights of Romania that day, but to be honest I wasn’t really too fussed about that at all. I was much more in the mood to just enjoy the weather and daydream about life and love and all that trash…

We had all planned to go out again that night, this time we were going to try to do so without having to baby-sit anyone. Those girls were still far too hungover to make it out, and we dragged a couple of guys from our new hostel along and went to check out the nightlife some more. Met up with Joe somewhere along the way and we all partied until, well, I don’t know when but it was a great night filled with alcohol, random conversations with locals about cats, alcohol, dancing and alcohol!!!

Next day I was due to leave again, this time with Bulgaria in my sights…

So, coming to the end of my trip, coming to the end of my blogs (shhhh… I can hear you guys saying “thank god!”)

Until I tune in from Bulgaria…





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