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Well, after a long ass bus ride, we reached Munich… And while it’s easy to assume that it would be pretty much the same as Berlin, let me tell you it’s not… It’s almost like Munich has it’s very own Bavarian identity that is completely separate from everything outside of Bavarian boundaries.

It’s like the beer capital, as well as the Church capital of Germany and possibly the sausage capital of the world! Just try to get a vegetarian meal in Munich, I dare you!!!

When we arrived and set our bags down we didn’t really know what to expect, but the hostel we had booked was PACKED with people, and so began our social tour of Munich, the culture would have to wait for later. As soon as we got into our room there was a strange little German man who instantly bailed us up for opinions about the outfit he was wearing, and then about everything else that he pulled out of his suitcase. Clearly he was very needy, and I had a feeling he was gonna be around for our entire stay… So, after helping him knot his tie and pin it down, and endless fashion advice (he was only going to the hostel bar downstairs and was contemplating wearing a dinner jacket…) we settled on a shirt and trainers. Interesting introduction to the city…

So anyway, decided that we would hit the walking tour first thing in the morning to find out all about the place. But in the meantime, after wandering around a little, we hit up the bar for our free beers. Now, Munich is the beer capital of the Germany for a reason… Have you ever had a stein of beer that is so heavy it’s kind of hard to pick up, let alone drink without spilling? Well, try a massive 1.5 litre glass… Only in Germany!!! We met loads of people at the hostel and at some point decided we’d all go out until we got ridiculously lost in the streets, must’ve been about an hour of circling round and round and eventually gave up and headed back to the hostel for more steins which turned into jugs cos they ran out of mega steins. Classy!

The next day we were up and ready to hit the tour until we realised that we had completely screwed up the details and missed the start, so figured we’d tackle the museums and stuff, and do the tour the next day. So, after wandering and procrastinating for most of the day found the Deutsches Museum, amazing place, they have EVERYTHING there… Astrology and music were definitely my fave sections, but it’s the kind of place where you could spend 3 days and not get through everything. So, we did what we could before closing time and then went for the obligatory Hopfbrauhaus visit.

The Hopfbrauhaus is huuuuuge… There’s thousands of seats, and thousands of people (loads of them are actually wearing lederhosen, it’s the cutest outfit you’ll ever see). So, we sat and had a meal (potato soup being the ONLY vegetarian option on the menu) but everyone seemed suitably impressed with their various wurst. Met up with a few other randoms from the hostel and downed a few beers (sensible sized ones this time, although in Munich, sensible sized is still enormous!) while talking the standard travel tales that you always do (where, when, what, how, where to next…) and then made our way back to where the beer is cheaper, and then drank the night away. Another good night, loads of beer fuelled fun for all!

Finally the next day we managed to catch the walking tour, and it was well worth it. The tour guide was fantastic, if you’re ever in Munich take the Wombats free tour, it was great. Learned so much about the history of both the city and the country, saw the place where the Nazi movement started out (who’d have thought the Hopfbrauhaus where we had been drinking the night before would be such a significant part of German history) and learned as we went about the realities of the past and present. I honestly don’t know how these tour guides manage to pack so much information into 3 hours and make it comprehensible without making you feel kind of overloaded. It’s impressive, I don’t think I could ever do it! The Glockenspiel was, well, underwhelming… I guess it’s more impressive when it’s going off, but I wasn’t going to stand around all afternoon waiting for it!

After the tour a few of us went for a beer with the guide before heading back to the hostel to recoup. I was planning on having a few drinks with one of the guys that we had met in Berlin who actually lives in Munich, after a typical Sarah move of losing his details after promising to catch up for drinks we had finally managed to get in touch (ahhh, bless facebook!) so in the meantime had drinks for a few hours with a whole bunch of students fresh from the US on exchange, during the night some trashed chick knocked over my drink resulting in the glass smashing on my hand, resulting in a massive slice in my thumb which I’m convinced hit a vein, it was so deep and didn’t stop bleeding for hours (can’t have been helped by all the alcohol in my system, but it’s a decent slice!) Once they had managed to slow the bleeding went out to a bar with Math until the wee hours of the morning… I’m so responsible!!! Don’t worry that I have to check out in the morning and get a train, as usual I stay out all night and worry about the consequences in the morning! It was all good though, was up in time and Nico and I went for one last walk around town before jumping on a train to Salzburg.

When we got up in the morning to check out, I knew it was going to be a good day. As usual, we had skipped breakfast (can’t afford it!) and just grabbed a coffee from the machine in the lobby… Now, this is a daily ritual, and every day when you try to take your far-too-thin plastic cup from the evil coffee machine you end up with coffee all over yourself. But this last morning in Munich both of us managed to get our coffees out without spilling a drop… Definitely gonna be a good day, it’s a sign… Bring it on Austria!

Once we were actually sitting on the train the coffee started to wear off and the tired started to set in, but being young as I am (lol) I can tough it out… Sleep is overrated, right!?!

Anyway, Munich is amazing, so I’ll just add Germany to the endlessly growing list of countries that I want to live in one day… Hahaha, at this rate I’ll have to move every year of my life to fit them all in! Oh well, time will tell.

So, Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland, Gruss Gott Austria!





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photo by: AleksandraEa