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Well, where to start… And where to finish. And, while I'm pondering, where to go in the middle. Istanbul, Istanbul, Istanbul. Is Turkey the most incredible country on Earth? Yes, I know, I have a bad habit of falling in love with countries, but this place is amazing. The sheer size of this city would blow you away. So, let me start from the start. Got the bus from Canakkale, about 6 hours later we arrived in Istanbul. The city is colossal. Arriving at the bus station was like arriving at an airport. And from there we had to find a way to get to Sultanahmet (Old Istanbul). I don't know how it happened, but we ended up in a minivan on the way to the hostel. ??? Must've been a courtesy van. I guess. Oh well, it was free. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got there, so we sat and had dinner and a few beers. Met a whole heap of randoms, and crashed for the night. Intended on getting up early and going to see Blue Mosque and Aya Sofya, but that didn't happen. Slept in a little, just made it to breakfast, and headed to the Blue Mosque, just in time for the place to close for prayer time. Oops. So, we figured we'd go for a walk until prayers were over and the mosque reopened to visitors. But we kinda got distracted, the pull of the Grand Bazaar was too strong, I couldn't fight it, so next thing you know we're wandering around the 4700 or so shops at the market. I bought a shisha (they call em something different here, nagila I think…), man, then I had to figure out how to post it home without it getting broken.. Oh well… It's very pretty. I wonder if customs will confiscate the apple tobacco I sent… Hmmm… Hung out at the Bazaar and bought some other bits and pieces, traded kisses for discounts (ok, now just to set the record straight, it wasn't me that was trading kisses, it was my mother, selling me off so she could save a few bucks…) then, after dinner spent hours in the bar drinking far too much beer with a bunch of randoms at the hostel… Ugh… Beer is evil… The next day we were determined to focus and get some stuff done, instead of spending the whole day at the market again. Headed to Blue Mosque again and waited for prayers to finish so that we could visit, and then went across to Aya Sofya. Both are spectacular - I've never been in a mosque before. Aya Sofya used to be a church and then was converted to a mosque, but underneath the plaster walls all of the mosaic work was intact and it's now a museum. Went to visit the overrated Koptapi Palace. Not much to tell. Reading about it is more interesting than seeing it really. Surprise, surprise, spent the evening drinking beer by the kegful with a bunch of randoms at the hostel. Istanbul is amazing, and I think it may be slightly addictive… I didn't really want to leave. Spent another couple of days seeing the sights, posted another box of stuff home, drank loads of beer, then Saturday morning after 2 hours of sleep had to get up and go to the airport to see Ma off on her way to Austria. It was happy and sad, I mean, saying goodbye was hard knowing that I won't see her til next year, but I'm glad to be on my own starting a new adventure. Met a couple of Canadian boys, Justin and Reuben, and have decided to head south together to see a little more of Turkey. They're crazy, Justin is determined to teach me to speak "Canadian" and is suitably humoured by the way we pronounce beer, tomato, and banana. Ok, so it passes the time on long bus rides. Found a travel agent who put together a plan for us, so now I've extended my stay in Turkey to 3 weeks! So much for a week per country… Oh well. At this point I'm wondering whether I'll make it home on schedule, but I severely doubt it… Eeeek… I'll figure it out later…

So, I have no idea what day it is, or was, but we headed to Cappadocia on the overnight bus (ugh, 11 hours on a bus is never gonna be a good thing) but arriving in Goreme was worth it - the scenery is amazing. It's absolutely freezing, (I'm waiting for it to start snowing!) but as far as you can see there are houses carved into the rocks. Wait til you see the pics (if I ever manage to upload them).

Our room at the hotel there was a cave, like really, literally a cave. It was awesome. Central Turkey is freezing cold, they're waiting for the snow to hit in the next couple of days. But it was so amazing to live in the cave, and we spent our evenings making dinner (crappy instant soup was all that we could afford…) then sitting by the fire (and drying my socks on the stove!) playing backgammon and drinking Turkish Tea. The people there were lovely, and as usual I didn't want to leave at the end of our stay. We spent 3 days there, and did 2 massive tours. One day was North Cappadocia, where you see the caves, fairy chimneys, and so many other fantastic sights that I don't think I'll ever be able to explain. I know, I know, as soon as I get a chance I'll upload some pics, I haven't done any since Malta…! The second day we saw an underground city and heaps of other cool stuff. The boys have been endlessly picking on me, from jumping out of caves to scare the shit out of me, to grabbing my ankle in the underground city from below (I jumped so high I smashed my head on the roof and have a nice bump now). Bastards! They're funny though, but don't tell em I said that! They found it incredibly funny when we were in Istanbul when there was a spider near me and I freaked out and knocked over the bench we were sitting on, taking down the signs with me, and won't let me forget it. So yeah, I've continued to do dumb things that are a constant cause of embarrassment, but I'm kind used to making a fool of myself by now. From Cappadocia we got another overnight bus (4 buses, 14 hours, Ugh!) to Olympos where we were living in a treehouse next to the beach. Where in the world do you get to live in a cave and a treehouse?!? Olympos is on the south coast, so we've come back to summer weather, and I spent my first day here sleeping on the beach.

Ugh, I'm so slack. I wrote the last paragraph almost a week ago and never got around to finishing my stupid blog. Ugh. So, we lived in a treehouse for 3 nights, drank far too much beer (again, I know, what's new right?). Day 2 was pouring rain, so we spent the day bludging at home (yay for living in treehouses) playing backgammon, cards, checkers, drinking beer and eating mega huge sandwiches. Oh yeah, and drinking beer. Danced away the night with all of the other randoms at the place, fought off the urge to join them all on the boat that was leaving in the morning. Then, day 3 was beautiful, so chilled on the beach and went for a massive walk around the coast and up the cliffs. Ahhhh, life is fabulous. In Olympos they have the Chimera flames, these eternal flames in the mountains, either because the hills are full of methane, or, if you prefer Homer's version (Greek mythology, not simpson you idiot…) then it's the breath of a mythological savage beast with the head of a lion, tail of a snake, and goat in the middle (hmmm…?) you can choose whichever you like (but anyway, focus Seh, you're rambling again…) So, we wanted to go up and take a look. They do a tour which takes you up on a bus at night, but it costs 15 Lira, and we figured that's like 5 beers each, so we could take the tour, or we could walk and take some beer with us. There was a bunch of us that are staying at the same treehouse place, so we decided beer is more important than laziness. It was a beautiful night, and like the dumbasses that we are, we didn't leave until after dinner when it was officially very dark. Officially. We got as far as the beach (a few hundred metres from home) before we stopped to the beach to sit and have a beer, but then we got our act together and started the trek. 8km later (most on a very steep incline, ugh) we arrived with our new canine friend trailing behind. I was kinda expecting a tiny little flame seeping through the ground, but it was spectacular. There were dozens of fires burning, so we all huddled around with our beer(s) and spent a couple hours giggling. One of the kiwi guys there was absolutely hilarious, and decided he wanted a naked pic beside the flames (?!?) and next thing you know he's standing by the fire wearing nothing but his hat for modesty. Then the other boys joined in and stripped to their boxers. Very random, I still don't really know what inspired them. Needless to say, the girls stayed huddled by the fire shielding our eyes and keeping warm. When the beer was dried up, we started back, I can't believe we were crazy enough to walk 16km voluntarily, just so we could afford beer. Backpackers, huh? Next day was more sad farewells, met some awesome people there but hopefully will catch up somewhere along the travels. Another long bus ride, and we arrived in Fethiye. I'm so over sitting on buses, but the boys keep me entertained. Justin and I have found some crazy ways to keep entertained, and I'm sure everyone else thinks we're mad. Today, we made an artwork featuring all of the insane things that have happened in Turkey, it's a masterpiece!!! Then there was the hour that we spend staring at the rock walls that were flying past. At one of our stops I ran to the bathroom, and the bus was leaving without me so I had to run to catch up with it. Jumped on the bus and smashed my head so hard the whole bus was laughing at me. I'm such a klutz (even worse than usual, I've had public stacks almost every day… Ugh). So yeah, here I am in Fethiye, can't wait to hit the beach tomorrow, and I think that's all I got to say for now.

Thanks for listening.

Love you all, miss some of you! Hahaha.

Until the next episode, don't forget me!



David681 says:
Another turkish fan here :)
The same, love the food, love the warm people, love the place and especially love Goreme part and Cappadocia, think to make motorbike trip next year, someone wanna join?
Posted on: Nov 30, 2007
arlene0725 says:
Merhaba. Great to see another Turkiye fan! I love this country too. Hope to return in 5 years. I would like to visit more of the Turkiye Asia side. I only got the Ephesus. Yep, wanna see Goreme landscape & Olympus. The food is excellent too. Yummy for anything with a yogurt dip! gule gule, Arlene
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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