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So let me start by saying, would you believe we actually made the train to Prague??? I know, there’s a first time for everything!!!

The last evening at the hostel was cool, all the randoms sitting around having drinks with us, it was like our very own farewell party chock full of vodka shots! We probably should have had one or two less since we had to find the train and everything, but oh well!

Found the train, found a cabin and settled in only to find that we were accidentally sitting in first class and had to pack everything up and move again. So found another cabin that had a couple of empty seats and settled in drinking more vodka and beer. It was perfect, put me straight to sleep and I pretty much slept through til morning. Why have I been sober for all of the overnight transport I’ve taken??? Eh, oh well. So yeah, I assume that the train ride was pretty smooth cos I woke up stretched out across the whole bench seat, the others in the cabin must have got off at some point during the night.

The train station that we arrived at was in the middle of nowhere so we found our way to the centre then got spectacularly lost trying to find the hostel with the most inaccurate map in the world. Ah hour or so later we finally found it and dropped our stuff before rushing out to the O2 Arena to find out about the hockey match that night. Everything was closed when we got there, so we went to have some lunch before going back again, only to find it still closed. Turns out the game was in another town that night. L Can’t believe we went to the stadium twice in one day for nothing. Jean-Francois is absolutely hockey mad (like all Quebecois/Canadians!), I think that the only thing that will ever come close to hockey for them is poutine, I hear about them both at least every 6 minutes throughout the day! Lol! So we were trying to catch a match either there or in Slovakia or both within the next few days since the playoffs are still on. Anyway… moving on…

Spent the rest of the day walking around town checking out the sights and stuff. Even though I had been to the city only a couple of weeks earlier, it’s such a pretty place that I was eager to see everything all over again. The buildings, the architecture… The river, the bridges, it’s all so beautiful. It’s so easy to get lost in the swarm of tourists on the Charles Bridge and end up disoriented amongst the endless stands of painters and jewellers, caricaturists and photographers all trying desperately to sell their wares to the hordes tourists.

The evening was fun… Drinking far too much fabulous vodka and beer at night. There’s a really cool bunch of people staying at the hostel, at any point you can wander downstairs to the common area and have a beer with another random trading stories and laughing about nothing. And again, good alcohol = zero hangover. Woohoo!!! I hope I never drink another dodgy cheap liquor in my life (yeah, right… I’m not even convincing myself now, let alone you guys!!!)

The next day was one of those perfect days… You know when the sun is shining and birds are singing, everything is beautiful and everyone is happy? Yeah, it was one of those days. It was hard to believe that it could be such a nice day when it was freezing cold and snowing a couple of weeks earlier when I was there. So we figured we should get out and enjoy it… Walked all the way along the river through the old town and went on a little tour of the old town, crossing the Karluv Most and being tourists (snap, snap, snap…) before heading to the island in the middle of the Vltava River where we sat for 5 hours drinking Australian wine, eating bread and cheese and lying in the sun. It was fabulous, a perfect springtime day in my world. When it was finally starting to get cold we headed back into the old town for a beer and then to another bar for another beer before stopping off at a liquor store for a bottle of absinthe. I love Europe! Spent the night drinking with everyone from the hostel, man there was a lot of alcohol… Liqueur from Estonia, Vodka from Poland, Absinthe from Czech and beer from everywhere! It was a great night, but we were so tired the next day!

We resumed our mission to find hockey tickets, cos the 7th game of the playoffs were on that night and “my team” (lol) HC Salvia Praha was playing and needed to win this game to make the final… So, went back to the arena again (thinking about just moving in there, would save a lot of time and money!) but fiiiiinally we managed to get some tickets… Woohoooo! The match was great… Not as good a game as the last one, no overtime or shootout, but it was still fun… I love crazy sports fans, they’re endlessly entertaining! Drank loads of beer and cheered like local, we definitely looked the part, me in my team scarf and Jean-Francois wearing pretty much everything they sell in the team colours, blowing on his plastic trumpet. I hope I never hear that sound again (although I have a feeling I will…!)

Anyway… Hockey is fun, fun, fun…! It’s my new addiction!!!

Went back to the hostel and we were drinking with all of the randoms for the rest of the night. So much fun, it was a great hostel, really sociable, simple… Cheap beer or bring your own, they don’t really care… So many hostels, if they sell their own beer then they won’t let you bring in your own alcohol cos they want to make a little profit off of everything you do. But this place was selling the beer sooooo cheap they really didn’t care whether you bought it or not, it was just conveniently there if you ran out. Nice, believe me, it came in handy!!! Partied the night away until finally going to bed so I could be up in time to check out the next morning and get to Slovakia. Another day, another train ride.

There were 4 or 5 trains that we could have caught that day, but we wanted to get there in time to catch the hockey match that night. I was checking the times online and we had already missed the first train, so we were all prepared to rush and try to get the next one when I realised that even if we got that one there was no way we were going to make the game, so we opted for the later one so that we could be lazy for a while longer. Hung out with all of the randoms from the hostel one last time before finally getting off our butts and getting to the station, getting our tickets and getting on the train.

Train trip was nothing out of the ordinary, I’m getting used to spending lifetimes on trains so that trip wasn’t too long at all. Still enjoyed the scenery and all, but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before form me.

So, I’ll leave you there, thanks for listening… See you all in Bratislava for some more adventures.

Love you all,



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photo by: vulindlela