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Arrived safely in Slovenia, the bus trip was actually not too bad, short bus rides during the day are a nice break from the overnight ones. The coolest hostel in town seemed to be Celica, so we headed there, not too far from the bus station… Arriving there, it was even more impressive than Lonely Planet made it sound… It’s an old military prison that has been converted into a hostel. I was expecting it to be creepy, and dark and smelly. But it’s a fab place, bright and colourful, probably the cleanest hostel I’ve ever seen, and it was packed with travellers. The dorms have beds crammed in, but there’s no bunks for once (I guess that the ceilings are too low, I smashed my head at least 6 times a day!!! Ugh!!!)

Straight away headed into town to check out the sights… In typical European style, the city is spectacular… There’s loads of historic sights and buildings strewn around the city, a gorgeous river that runs straight through the town centre, a huge castle overlooking the whole city, and just to make it picture-postcard perfect, everything is lit up in preparation for Christmas. The trees are full of fairy lights, the streets are lined with outdoor bars, and there are people everywhere. Walked forever to find a Bosnian restaurant that’s tucked into an alley on the other side of town which is supposed to be fantastic (and cheap!) and finally found it only to discover that they don’t have a single vegetarian option. So, eventually found somewhere else where we could almost afford to eat, and resolved to cooking our own dinner the next night. Spent the evening wandering around town and having a few beers in the bar, nothing too exciting. Next day wanted to go and check out the castle at the top of the city, so made the trek up there. Had heard and read that the views are spectacular, especially if you pay extra to go up to the lookout at the top. It’s only a few euros, so went up there to check it out. Idiots, we didn’t even consider the fact that it was the foggiest day we’d ever seen, so we have some amazing pictures of, ummm, white nothingness. Couldn’t even see the ground for the most part! And it was freezing cold up there just to top it off. After that, spent the rest of the afternoon in an internet café uploading pictures (finally!!!) so check them out, they’re on facebook and myspace. In the hostel bar that night there was randomly a band playing, so sat down there and had a few beers, met some more randoms along the way.

After Ljubljana we decided to head out to Bled, in the Alps. There was so much snow covering the surrounding mountains, I was desperately hoping that we would get some snow in the town, but it didn’t happen L It was a nice little town though, not many people other than everyone that was there for some massive skiing biathlon thingy. Didn’t really pay much attention to it, so don’t really know what it was, but there was definitely an Aussie team… Anyway. And there was this guy wearing the coolest t-shirt, it said FEEL THE sLOVEnia on it, it was wicked and we spent days searching every store we found looking for them, but no luck L

Bled has another big castle on top of the cliff, so got up real early in the morning and made our way up there, and thankfully it was a beautiful day so we had a great view of the Alps in the distance, much better than our last castle effort!!! Checked out the museum and stuff, and there’s a wine store where you can spend a fortune on local wine, or you can actually bottle and cork the wine yourself. It was heaps of fun, now I just have to figure out how I’m going to get a bottle of wine home.. I mean, do I carry it for the next 5 months and risk it breaking in my bag, or do I send it home and risk it breaking in the post? Ugh. Any suggestions?

During warmer months, you can get a gondola out to a tiny island in the middle of the lake that has a massive church on it, and I was really looking forward to relaxing on a gondola in the sun, but it turns out they don’t run at this time of year, so we had to pay the same price to go in a little motor boat. It was severely overpriced, but I guess it was worth it for the views. Maybe.

Got back to our dorm, and found one of the guys who we had met in Ljubljana was staying in our dorm here too, and he taught us a new card game (very exciting for us, I don’t think that Justin can handle any more Crazy 8’s after he’s lost the last, like, million games in a row!!!)

Went out to a few bars in town, and they were either completely overcrowded or completely empty, nothing in between. We learned (too late) not to order random beers from the menu, because you may find that the reason they taste so good is because they are half fanta… WTF??? Why would you mix those 2 together? We’re poor backpackers, we can’t afford to pay the same price and get only half a beer!!!!! Oh well, lesson learned!

Still weren’t sure where to head from there, but eventually decided on Venice, Italy. So we had to go back to Ljubljana first to get the train to Venice. Ended up spending another night in the same hostel as before, man it was a cool place. You meet so many people in places like that, it’s heaps of fun. And it has free internet (which is never available with so many people there) and a full kitchen so we could cook up another fabulous dinner (Yay for cheap meals and double yay for someone else cooking them!)

Had to head out early to find our train, it was a shame to be leaving Slovenia so soon but have to keep moving if I want to see the rest of Europe, and I guess that all these countries that I find adorable will be the first places I head next time I’m in Europe (there will definitely be a next time!)

So, that’s about all I have to say for now, so I’ll be back soon with my Italian adventures.

Til then, love you all, miss you heaps.



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photo by: Chokk