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Well, after the bender that was London, I arrived alone in Dublin exhausted and looking forward to a quiet night alone reading and chilling so I could gather some strength for a day of sightseeing. Found a really cool hostel and settled into the common room with my journal for all of 2 or 3 minutes before I got talking to some Australians and Canadians so sat and had a few beers with them while they prepared to go out drinking. They were trying to convince me to join them, but I was adamant about needing a night in. Yeah, ok, you got me… You know me well enough to know that it didn’t take all that much convincing before I was swayed and we went to hit up the Temple Bar area. I know that there are Irish bars all over the world, but it’s actually kinda cool to drink in an Irish bar in Ireland! The actual “Temple Bar” was decent, everyone was drinking guinness (of course!) except me, I still hadn’t been game to try the stuff - it looks awful! There were loads of random people there, and I was accosted on the stairs by an Irish man in a Bananaman outfit… Strange… I can’t remember the last time I was groped by a superhero! It was the kind of night that ended with everything closing and us going back to the hostel to finish the last of whatever beer we had between us before finally getting some sleep.

I was going to try to get everything done fairly quickly in Dublin so I could head to Scotland and then back to London, and finally get out of the UK. Went out sightseeing, first stop: Guinness Brewery. Having never tried a Guinness before I don’t really know what I was doing there, but when in Dublin… So went with the boys and checked everything out, it’s actually a cool brewery, some interesting stuff that I guess I never needed to know… But I think that the best part was right at the end. You get a free pint of Guinness and they have a bar right at the top of the building, the Gravity Bar, where you have a 360 degree view of the city. So, you have to kind of hover over people and wait to poach their seats as soon as the dare to get up, but it’s all worth it in the end. I was expecting it to be the worst beer I’d ever tried, but it was actually kind of nice. Maybe the ambience of the place kinda helped too… We sat up there for the longest time checking out the spectacular view before heading home for a booze-fest of drinking games and then a night on the town.

Went to a gay bar in Temple Bar, and the most exciting thing happened. No, get your minds out of the gutter. Everyone walked in and the bouncer stopped me for ID. Woohoooooo! I was officially the oldest one in the group of 8 or so that I was with, and was immensely thrilled… I remember the days when it used to irritate me so much (ugh, I sound like an old man “I remember the days”…) Went to another bar after that, pretty much partied and danced our butts off all night, didn’t crawl home until everything in the whole city was closed.

Standard day of sightseeing the next day, parks, museums, hangovers… The National Museum was really cool… They have a big exhibition “The Bog Bodies”, these hideous preserved bodies that were buried in a bog. It was kinda creepy, you can see everything… they’re incredibly well preserved, and they explain how each of them died, and you can see the cuts and scars… Won’t gross you out with all of the details, just trust me, it’s as repulsive as it is interesting.

Never guess what we all did that night? Yep, continued the drink-fest with more drinking games before going out for a pub crawl. We were all pretty tanked by the time the pub crawl started, but that didn’t stop us having a good time. Went to 5 different places, it was a blast. At one place we were in the downstairs bar which was completely unattended, and one of the guys was just pouring us beers, don’t really know how he got away with it, but I guess if you can, then why not, right? It was a really fun night and I had a suitably sore head in the morning!

More sightseeing with one of the guys the next day, checked out the obligatory castle and big cathedral, continued our mission to find a good place to get another tattoo but they all charge ridiculous prices here, so the mission will have to continue tomorrow. Went to a grocery store to get some alcohol, and one of the guys who was only 20 went through first and bought some, I was next in line with the exact same thing, and the adorable little old lady at the counter asked me for ID. When I showed her my passport she was really apologetic, but I was so excited I wanted to jump the register and give her a hug… ID’d twice in one week, this is the greatest week of my life!!! I mean, I know that I look young, but really, looking 17 is a bit of a stretch!!! But I’ll take it for what it is. J

We intended on going out for drinks that night but somehow the drinking games interfered with that so we ended up staying put for the rest of the night and continuing the party with a whole bunch of randoms. Everyone was leaving the next day and I really don’t envy the people that had to get up really early for flights..

Went for a wander round the town with one of the guys before he left, searched the whole city for a good tattooist that wasn’t charging ridiculously high prices but it was a fruitless mission, my tattoo is just not meant to happen in Dublin. Probably a good thing since I could possibly still have a lot of alcohol in my system and don’t particularly fancy bleeding to death for the sake of body art! Afterwards I met up with another one of the guys for another, well, wander around town and coffee before heading to the airport for a long boring wait for my flight.

So that was it for me in Ireland, have to get away and give my liver a break in the next country… Maybe! So decided to head to Scotland, Edinburgh is supposed to be lovely...

Will try to catch up on my blogs sometime soon, but until then, hope all is well and you’re all missing me lots still (do you even remember who I am???)



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