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Ok. So when i last left you, i think that i was still recovering from the Hobbit House, the trip, the new environment.

Well, this is me a week later...

What a week... I never knew i had this much energy... It's been such a full on week, i'm pretty sure i'm gonna crash and burn very very soon...

Monday - Started the new job. It's pretty full on, have to be very attentive all day. The new reps are ace, everything is going very well, so blah blah blah about work, right???

I'm not sure how it has happened this way, but it's kinda been every night that we have been out.

I think that it was Wednesday night that we were planning a couple of quiet drinks somewhere local. Ended up back at Malate. Disaster. Yeah, it was cool on the weekend, but midweek...? Disappointed!!! We spent hours walking around this very dodgy district looking for a decent bar. Ended up at a place called Bedrock, a real tacky themed bar where the staff wore leopard print aprons and there were dinosaurs on the wall. Hmm... Disaster.

Tuesday night was drinks at the bar downstairs after dinner. Nothing too interesting.

So Thursday night, we had a kind of corporate thing on the 33rd floor of some building. The view was amazing...

Friday night... Was a very interesting experience. Karaoke with Mark D. The room was packed, the stream of alcohol that the waiters kept bringing in was endless. They kept filling up their little cart ad coming back again and again. Ended up being a lot of fun, most people were pretty trashed though... And now it's Saturday morning. Went to sleep @ about 2, and again i woke up at 7:30. Don't know what's wrong with me, but i'm not sleeping here.

So anyway, i guess that this entry is a little more boring than the first, but it's been work work work all week, and drink drink drink all night. So it's probably not all that interesting to, well, anyone. But bad luck!

I'm getting a little too settled into the hotel. Just called room service and made them bring me a bowl. This place is so amazing. They jut do everything. There's an orchestra playing in the lobby every evening when we go down for dinner.

So today, we're going to a music festival, sounds pretty cool. Maybe then i'll have someting a little more interesting to tell you guys about.

Until then,miss me lots!!



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photo by: Deats