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Well, this is it. The countdown is here. After this Friday, I don't have to go to work until next year. March 15th to be exact. As much as I am happy about that, I'm really sad that this fantastic time in my life is coming to an end. The last 2 months has been an incredible experience. Working in another country, living in a different culture has been even more than I imagined it would. And I had high expectations to begin with! The group that I came over with are a completely random bunch - in some ways we are all so different, and in some ways we are all very similar. The times that we have are something that nobody else is ever going to understand. But anyway, enough soppy stuff! You guys don' t wanna hear about that.

I'm gonna write a whole blog without mentioning red bull!!! Well, I'll try.

Been talking with everyone at home, and it seems like so much is going on there while we're away. So much has changed, it's easy to forget that the world (well, Oz) goes on without us… And it just makes me sad thinking about coming back! 3 days left of work, which means the goodbyes have to start soon. So sad. A few of the girls fly home on Saturday, and then I think that it will be really real. What will we do without Yollibee to keep us entertained!!! Meanwhile, her boy came over last week, and he's just as funny… Check out the farewell gift he left us:

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Hahaha, long story. That's it for now, be back, undoubtedly with more teary sadness…


Ok, so I'm back, it's Saturday, and what a week it's been. This week at work was so very emotional. Work was really busy too, you know, finishing off everything we've been doing for the last 2 months. But as the end of the week got closer and closer, it got harder and harder. Not only have we all grown really close working so closely together and spending so much time together, but you guys have no idea how much we have fallen in love with the people here too… So for us all the end of the week really meant the end of something special… As much as we can all keep in touch, nothing will ever be quite like this has. So, we're preparing to leave "The Pen" for the last time, and as much as I should be excited about whatever adventures are coming, I feel so sad that it's all over. Our bags are packed and all that…

Last night we had a big farewell celebration. Got a room at Redbox again… Man, we're becoming karaoke addicts. Everyone from work came, and we had an absolute blast!!! We sang our little hearts out, and proved once again that Aussies cannot sing, but it doesn't stop us.. We even did one last Spice Girls number for the guys (not that they needed to see it one last time, cos they all have the video footage from last time!) As the night got later, the songs started getting more emotional (Boyz II Men's "End of the Road" etc, you get the drift), but it was ace fun. When we were all starting to leave though, the tears started flowing. It's like, we've spent so much time with everyone in the last 2 months, it's gonna be real weird not going to work on Monday and laughing at them clowning around and all that.

Oh, yesterday, for our last day, Dax put together an amazing DVD for us, pretty much all of the crazy fun that we have had, photo's and stuff, with video footage of them all with beautiful and hilarious messages. It was so nice, they played it in front of all the management and stuff, and we all cried like babies. Even when I watched it today, the tears started all over again… Ugh, I don't wanna leave here. EVER! We had breakfast together this morning before the girls left, and then we had to start saying goodbye… More tears, seeya Mandy, Lisa, and our beloved Yollibee!!!

So anyway, I'm off to have another cry.

Will talk to you guys soon, 2 weeks til I'm back home.


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