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The time is starting to tick down now. And as much as I love you all, I don't want to come home. I'm not ready to think about it just yet…

It's been another great week. A little quieter than we've been over here, but we made up for it this weekend. Have been a bit feral, a bit grumpy, a bit all over the place really… Ready to throw honey pots at people's heads!!! Everything is getting a little overwhelming I guess. I mean, on one hand I'm really excited to be finishing work and doing some more travelling, and YAYYYYYYYYYY, I get to see Napey is 6 more sleeps. But on the other hand, I'm having such a great time here that I don't really ever want it to end. Saying goodbyes is going to be so hard. I've made some fantastic friends here, people that I'll stay in touch with (unless they forget us as soon as we leave). I have some incredible memories… Riding a horse up a volcano, the dodgy boat with the wind blowing in my hair, getting to know another side to all of these Optus freaks that I'm working with (no seriously guys, love you all). Hahaha, we've shared so much, there's so much about this trip that nobody will understand unless they were here living it (Wahwahwahwaaaaaaaaaah). I'm sure that we're all gonna do these really dumb things that make us piss ourselves, but that makes everyone else think we've killed one too many brain cells with all the red bull… (Up, up, up)…

I guess, reality is that once we get home we're all going to crash back down to real life again. No more 5 star hotels, no more being treated like rockstars everywhere we go. Back to housework and everyday life. Back to packing up and moving out of my flat. Back to the finalisation of a break up. I guess, at least I don't have to go back to work!!! That would suck (love ya Jimbo)… And then 4 weeks later, I get to start the adventure of my lifetime… It's gonna be ace, it's great at least having something to look forward to. Still doesn't make it any easier thinking about leaving here. Man, I sound depressing. Don't get me wrong, still having a great time, not sitting in my room crying or anything. Yet.

So anyway, what have I been doing??? Hmmm.. Well, working as always. Drinking as always. Not sleeping as always.

Went out to see a few bands the other night, I think it was Wednesday. I think that I need to grow up a little… It seems like every time we go out, everyone goes home and I end up still out drinking and dancing or whatever. At least Rachey is usually by my side, always up for it. She's such a good hubby!!!

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So the others went home, and Rach and I stayed with the guys from work. Stuck around for another band, then Pooj dropped us off. Oh yeah, vodka redbull, vodka redbull, and then vodka redbull shots!!! It was cool, some of the music was funky, and it was yet another night not spent in our boring hotel rooms!

This weekend has been really cool. Friday night we went out for quiet(ish) drinks, started at a work function, then moved on to The Fort again… Champagne was flowing (don't really know where from), and my vodka redbull seemed to mysteriously keep refilling itself. Hmmm… Most didn't come with us, so it was Rach and Ada and me, drinking, dancing, laughing, drinking. Had a blast, but drank waaaaay too much redbull, and extra joss. We didn't have that late a night, but I didn't sleep a wink. We had decided to go back to Prince of Jaipur again on the Saturday night, and wanted to play girls, so we all had to wear dresses. Yep, all of us!!! So we went out shopping on Saturday on a mission to find hot new dresses. Check out the pics - yes, me, rach, ada, all in dresses! Well, Ada kinda cheated, but…

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Had a nap before going out - I've discovered I love naps almost as much as I love baths, although I never actually get any sleep, I just convince myself that I will. So I kinda almost slept for a couple of hours, which was great. Woke up feeling refreshed, went out for a lovely dinner then off to Jaipur. Had wicked fun (There's that dumb word again…), danced around for hours, so much so that the others all went home, and it was just Michie and I left. Even Rach piked!!! Danced our butts off, went home, slept for about 3 or 4 hours before I was up again.

Sunday, we decided to do something different, so we caught a train… I don't know what I was expecting, dodgy steam engines or something, but the trains here are better than ours!!! Dax took us on a little tour of the city, went shopping in Cabao (I think) and just hung out, then out for dinner and drinks, then ended up having cocktails by the pool with the girls… Ahhhhh.

And now, we approach our last week of work

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