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So sad, we're starting to count down the weeks… I don't ever wanna go home. EVER!!! So, it's been another big week, have done some exciting things that I guess that everyone at home will find extremely boring… The weeks are flying by so fast that it's kinda hard sometimes to remember what exactly we've been doing…

The weather has been absolutely off its head. Which is really bad timing for the rainy season to kick in, cos on Monday I got my hair rebounded (chemically straightened). It's great, saves me a bunch of time in the morning, and despite some initial concerns, my hair didn't fall out. Yay. Speaking of which, I'm going to wash my hair. Back soon.

Ok, I'm back. Hair is clean. Ahhhh. After the rebonding, you can't wash your hair for 3 days. So, like I started saying, it's started raining in the afternoons. It's real random… It's hot all day, like 32 degrees or so, but when it starts to rain it thunders like I've never heard before, and the rain pelts down for about half an hour… It's insane, then it just stops. But the raindrops are HUGE! Anyway, rambling…

Been out for drinks a couple of nights this week (well, I think every night so far…) Have been really trying to get away from the hotel at every opportunity. It gets so dull staring at the same walls. And the more time I spend at the hotel, the more accustomed I get to living this other lifestyle that is completely not me. I can't remember the last time I was really fussed over, and in this place they cater to your every whim. It's tiring at times, and I can't be bothered dealing with it. I know it sounds dumb and spoilt, but nobody will ever really understand anything about this experience unless they are here with us I guess. Alternate reality.

Went to check out one of the boys from work, Pooj, playing a gig with his band on Wednesday night. It was really cool, their band is ace, don't know really how to describe the music, but anyway, real cool. Had a couple of vodka redbulls, man that stuff makes everything better instantly (and temporarily!) Didn't get in till after 1am, but because of the dumb redbull, I couldn't sleep. Ended up sleeping for about 3 hours max. Ugh. Who really wants to go to work after 3 hours sleep. I'm on wake up call duties every morning, 5:30am I call a couple of the girls with a waaaaay too chirpy "morning"… I'm sure that Ada is gonna have nightmares about it after this is all over. Every morning she's gonna sit bolt upright at 5:30 with the sound of my voice ringing in her ears… Muahahahahaha (yep, that's my evil laugh!!!)

Week at work was interesting, massive queue problems for a little while, so a few hours were spent getting to know Wave 2 a little better, and joking around, playing games, and them deciding which celebrities we all look like. Apparently I'm Sandra Bullock, so much so that most of the guys have taken to calling me Sandra. I guess I coulda done worse. Rachey is Melissa Joan Hart (AKA Sabrina the Teenage Witch…?!?), and Yolz has moved on from being Natalie Imbruglia to being Winona Ryder… Yeah, I know, I don't actually look like Sandra Bullock, but I'm starting to answer to Sandra anyway.

Wave 2 graduated from training today (Friday), and they have a whole little ceremony to celebrate. It's so adorable, presenting certificates and lanyards… Everyone was teary and proud, and there were speeches from the trainers (and from us!?!), it was lovely. Wish we had fun graduations from training at home!

After work, went for drinks with everyone, had a ball. Most of the team turned up, although by the end of the night it was mostly the usual suspects remaining, us girls, and Barney and Dax. I have a funny feeling I won't be getting much sleep tonight… We were pretty sleepy after a long week at work, so decided that red bull would be a good idea. Had to go to the Mini Stop to get it, and ended up getting some Extra Joss as well… Dax and Michie had been talking about this stuff for weeks, so we figured now would be as good a time as any to try it… You thought Red Bull was strong (well, that's what I've been saying over and over…) Try Red Bull AND Extra Joss… No, it probably wasn't a good choice. Oh well. It kept us going for the night. I'll let you know if I ever sleep again…

Until then, Love you all.



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