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Well Dorothy, you have another thing coming!!! Shoulda stayed with the Wiz, woulda been more fun!

So, despite the denial, the tears, the thoughts of "accidentally" missing my flight, the dreams of joining Wave 4, I'm back in Australia. Have been here a little over 24 hours now, and what a disaster it has been!!! We really did almost miss our flight from Manila to Hong Kong cos of the insane traffic we hit, and then still almost missed it again due to a little "trouble" I had with customs. Don't ask, got through in the end, but I have learned not to pack DVD's with my laptop ever again!

The flight was long, and I really didn't get much sleep no thanks to the very comfortable economy airplane seats. When we finally did get back to Oz, someone was arrested on our flight by customs, and they were swarming the baggage claim area and arrivals area with sniffer dogs and all… Hmmmm… Wonder what was going on? Oh well. The minute I walked through to doors to arrrivals, burst into tears. My poor Dad didn't know what to say, cos he knew they weren't tears of joy to be home. But it was great to see my parents, I've missed them a lot. Going to see my Nanny today, then to catch up with my Nan and Pop and Dad after that. It's pretty overwhelming, cos despite the fact that I have so much to tell everyone, it's like I can't find the words to start. Maybe I'm still jetlagged. I guess that excuse will work for a couple of days at least.

Soon as we walked outta the airport, I realised that I don't actually have keys to my flat and had no idea who I had left them with. Ugh. Eventually tracked them down, picked up my car and went home. I should've gone to sleep, but as usual, I was half hyperactive, half sleepy, so couldn't rest at all.

So what did I do? Drinks instead!!!

Kristi had come around with a beautiful big bunch of welcome home flowers, so she stuck around feeding me alcohol to tire me out. What happened next, I still can't figure out exactly, but we were out on the balcony (dumbass me was still in shorts and a singlet, don't ask me why since it's freezing here!) but the door somehow managed to lock itself. But you can't lock it from the outside. Ugh. It was absolutely freezing, and not only were my keys locked inside, but so were both of our phones. It was like something out of a movie. We looked at each other and didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I don't live on the ground level, and there's no way either of us could've jumped down from the balcony, and the only neighbour close enough moved out in the morning. Why does this stuff only ever happen to me??? So, we were screaming out for help, people were walking past and ignoring us (gotta love Flemington) I couldn't believe that they would just leave us up there. After a few hours we were absolutely losing hope. I was turning blue from the cold, and Kristi had a brilliant idea. Her schemes usually end in disaster, but this one was brilliant!!! She grabbed a set of pliers (yes, we had already tried to bust the lock using them, no luck) and started banging them as hard as she could on the metal railing… The sound was terrible, thought my ears would never recover, but finally people actually started listening, and heaps came out onto the balcony to abuse us. One of the guys upstairs called a locksmith for us, and we were saved from spending the night freezing to death on the balcony. What a disastrous first night home!!! Hope it's not a sign of things to come for me in Oz.

Other than that, I'm settling back into my flat, although I no longer have a bed, fridge, washing machine, umm, I don't really know what else yet. I got home to find that lovely Ex-boyfriend had left the place looking like an absolute disaster zone. I mean really, coulda washed your dished before you left, maybe swept the floors. Maybe even put everything that you took out of the cupboards back into the cupboards instead of piling them on the floor. Ugh. Men suck. From now on I'm staying single forever and ever and ever. So, cleaned up the crap, and now need to start sorting my life out for my next adventure. 4 weeks from today, I'm outta here again!!!

Will post again when I have something interesting to say, so until then, keep in touch, thanks for tuning in to my Philippine adventures.

Love you all.



abubu says:
nice blog... good u like the philippines that much! cheers!
Posted on: Jan 10, 2008
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