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Well, another week has gone by, and I'm in bed sick. I've had a flu coming on for days which I tried to ignore. I figured that if I lived in denial it would go away, but apparently not. I know, it sounds so dumb, how can it be 30 degrees every day and I have the flu, it's so warm outside, but everywhere you go indoors, the air conditioning is off it's head. So it's hot, cold, hot, cold, hot, cold, you get the drift. I spent all of Monday in bed, and was feeling heaps better last night so thought that it had passed. Must've been denial again. So I lasted half the day at work before I got sent home. I'm sure that between the sweating and the puking, I've lost 5 kilos in the last few days (I know, gross, sorry), but really, my pants are getting looser!!! So now, I'm in bed feeling sorry for myself watching crappy daytime TV (even worse than at home…) and yeah, pretty much just feeling sorry for myself. I don't often get real sick, so when I do, I'm a massive sook. It's not pleasant for anyone around, to have me whining and whimpering. But I miss my Ma, and my own bed, and my slippers. Anyway, enough whining.

Had a great weekend. Had organised to go White Water Rafting at Pagsanjan, to Magdapio Falls. Only half of us made it there, everyone else way already sick. It was nothing like I expected… I've been before, on a river in Indonesia and it was ace, it was really full on, the rapids were crazy. The river here was much more calm, there wasn't much "white water" at all. But just when it looked like it was going to be a disaster… Instead of the normal rubber boat, you actually go on these wooden long boats. They're pretty cool, very uncomfortable sitting between each others legs. Too bad if you have personal space issues!!! The Bancero (boatmen) take you all the way up the river, and it's real hard work for them. It's incredible to watch them, there are 2 on the boat with 3 passengers, and they paddle along but to get through all of the rocky sections they actually push off the rocks with their feet. Looks almost like they're running along the rocks pushing the boat along. When you finally get to the top of the river, there's a waterfall coming down real fast. So for an extra 50 pesos you can get on a big bamboo raft and they take you under the waterfall, then you turn around and go back again. We got off under the waterfall and hung out in the cave for a little while taking pics and stuff, and then jumped on another raft back again, It was ace! The pressure of the water bashing on your head kind of makes you wonder for a minute why anyone would pay to put themself in pain, but it really was heaps of fun. We were all giggling like kids and splashing each other even though we were all drenched already. Got some cool pics. On the 2 and a half hour drive home, we had all had a nap, until we were woken up by the driver putting some live birds and fish into the back seat of the car, right under Rachel. Apparently it's normal to buy dinner while it's still alive. Gross. Completely freaked me out. But I tried to just ignore it and go back to sleep.

Saturday night, cos it was Adrian's last weekend, we were planning on going out and having drinks. Everyone was either sick, or exhausted from the busy day. So that night we ended up back at Greenbelt, at a tacky bar called In Bed, where all of the seating is actually beds. Real tacky. We lasted about 10 mins there (or 2 drinks, time it as you will…) before a couple of the guys headed to Malate and the rest of us started walking back towards the hotel. Got distracted by a funky bar downstairs and started drinking Jä germeister with red bull. I don't know why we always end up back on the red bull, but we just do. We're all going to come back to Melbourne having massive taurine withdrawals, so if we're shaking and rocking back and forth when we return, please understand.

I can't believe it's been over a month since we got here. On one hand, it feels like we've been here for months and months, saying goodbye in Melbourne, walking out of Manila airport, arriving at the hotel, the hobbit house, it all seems like such a distant memory, and it was only weeks ago… But on the other hand, it seems like time is flying by.

Anyway, until next time, miss me lots, talk to you all soon.



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photo by: Deats