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Well, what a day… It's still Sunday, but today feels like it went forever (in a good way!!!) Had to get up real early, cos we had to make the massive trek back to the airport… 20 min drive to the port, 15 min boat rise, then an hour and a half trip in a van cramped in with way too many other people. We were pretty much sitting half on our luggage and half in each others laps… Then, hour flight back to Manila. All worth it though, it might be a little out of the way, but Borocay is such an incredible place. The great place that we found was Borocay Terraces Resort, so if you're ever wandering around Borocay looking for a place to stay… For once I didn't sleep on the plane, wa really getting into the games they play on board. Don't ask, they're tragic… When we got back to Manila, we caught a cab to the international airport to see if they had lockers to hold our luggage til our flight 10 hours later. No. Could we check our luggage in early? No. Did we have to resign to lugging our bags around for the next 10 hours? Yes. So, we just got into another cab with all of our luggage, and tried to decide on a place to go. After much debate in the cab I cracked it and decided we were going to Makati City, cos it's the only place we're really familiar with, the only place I felt safe heaving our bags and cases around the streets. Went to Greenbelt, found a bar we could have lunch and cocktails (yep, cocktails at lunchtime, why the heck not!!!) and we parked our mass of suitcases and stuff beside the table. For the next 7 or so hours we were at that same table, Ada came down, we talked to randoms, and we drank lots of cocktails. I'm sitting at the airport in Manila again at the moment hoping that they don't realise that we're a little pissed and kick us off the flight. By the time we get to Bangkok and through customs again it'll be about 2am, so as much as I have been pumping everyone up to go out when we get there, I think that it will be straight to bed for everyone… We'll see. I'll let you know. Until then,


Well, we didn't go out. By the time we got back to the hotel, checked in, dumped our stuff and all that we were exhausted, so just settled in and went to bed. Still didn't get to bed til about 4am here, so it was never gonna happen. Specially since poor Nathan had lost his wallet at the airport (incidentally, the next morning we got a phone call from a tourist in a nearby hotel who had found the wallet at the airport and tracked us down via an old receipt in his wallet that happened to have a contact number on it - kinda restores your faith in mankind for a little while). So anyway, got up early the next morning, went and retrieved said wallet from nice honest tourist, and walked around the streets of Bangkok for a while trying to get our bearings a little. That didn't work, we're still completely lost in this big city, so we got on a TukTuk and went around the city checking out temples and stuff. At night, we went to check out the nightlife, but being that we're so damned lost in this city, we couldn't find where the heck we were, let alone where we were going. I'm used to Manila, where the people are beautiful, and if you look lost someone will stop and help you. Here, nobody helps. If you ask for help, they'll only oblige if they think that there's something in it for them… I'm sure not all of Thailand is like this, but to be honest at the moment I'm not a big fan of the place. I've never travelled to a place that I haven't fallen in love with, but I guess that there's a first time for everything. And the city still has 48 hours to change my mind…

Ended up hailing another TukTuk, and asking the guy where we could go out for dinner and drinks (meanwhile, it was already almost midnight…) and he recommended a couple of drinking spots which turned out to be massive red light districts, and images of ping pong balls flying across rooms immediately came to mind a la Priscilla… Ended up cracking it again after dinner, and getting another TukTuk and just asking him to take us to a club. I have absolutely no idea where we ended up, man, we could've been in Hong Kong for all I knew… But went to this dodgy kinda underground club. It was crappy at first, but then all of a sudden it got packed once curfew hit the rest of the city (yeah, I don't know why they don't have to comply, but maybe that's why you gotta walk through a warehouse to get there, don't know that it was a completely legitimate club…) so the place was pumping, and we were drinking lots. Switched back to vodka redbulls (sorry Rach, your calves will forgive me eventually). Liz and Rach bailed at 4 am or so, and I have absolutely no idea what time Nath and I stayed til, all I know is we danced our asses off. Nathan was up on the podium shimmying, I was dancing with randoms all round the room, for no more than 45 seconds at a time. It was fun, like a challenge. As soon as they start talking I bail, just like old days, dancing, but don't talk to me! It musta been a real late night, cos it's after 12 now and Nathan is still sleeping like a baby… I'm thinking about accidentally opening the blinds to wake him up so we can have some lunch, I got up hours ago!!!!

So, in summation - after 24 hours Bangkok sucks (yeah, the club was fun, but no different to anywhere else in the world), but I have faith that the city will change my mind… I'll let you know.


Ok, so Bangkok's not so bad… I think that the reason that I was so down on it is because I'm missing Manila like crazy. If I'm this sad after being away from the Philippines for 3 days, can you imagine what a nightmare I'm gonna be when I get back to Oz??? Ugh. Someone stock my flat up with antidepressants, pronto…

We're at the hotel at the moment, hanging out by the pool. We've been here since lunchtime, have done absolutely nothing at all today. We're staying at the Millenium Hilton- man it's nice here. The people are not as nice as at the Pen, but it's full luxury here. We're flying out tonight (well, 1:30 tomorrow morning actually…) and I feel like we have done absolutely nothing in Bangkok. Went out to Patpong last night, there's a big market there that is kinda like the markets in Manila, only more expensive. The people were pretty rude, treat you like you're just a dumb tourist… I guess this place ould be really coo, but I'm just not in the mood so I'm not doing all the usual things I would be doing. I don't know. I'm sure I'll be real mad at myself later for missing out on so much here, but I just can't get outta the rut I'm in. After the market closed at midnight, went to a bar in the girly strip and we drank soooooooo many cocktails. I'm pretty sure that we outdid the night of the 8 Long Island Iced Teas each… Met a lovely ladyboy, Jennifer, compared boobs with her and stuff.

Eventually came home and all crashed, no exciting stories to tell really. Got some cool pics though…

So, next time I post, I'll be either back in the Philippines, or already back in Melbourne… (sniff, sniff)

Until then, be good, miss me lots.



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