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OK, so another week gone by, more changes to my life… Yeah. What a week. Random boxes of chocolates being delivered to my room from strange men (yeah, I make it sound exotic and exciting, but really they just were from one of the hotel directors cos I said nice things about the hotel, but still, 2 big boxes of really nice chocolates, I'm not complaining…) The little devil on my left shoulder is arguing with the little angel on the other shoulder about how bad chocolate is, but currently the angel is winning with his argument about needing comfort food…J

Week at work was ok, days are pretty long still, but it's been fun. Blah blah blah.

We went out to Red Box again last night. Every time we go near a karaoke place, I swear I'm not going near the microphone, but… If all the SME's come home with damaged ear drums, I'm sorry. It was the tequila that made me do it. There's a very good reason I don't drink tequila, blocks my memory out completely (or was that the Long Island Iced Teas that did that… Hmmm…) Ah, what better way to deal with a broken heart than to write yourself off completely…I think that we got home at about 2am, that's what Rach tells me, and she would know better than me... She's such a good husband, putting me to bed and all. But then, just like every other morning here, woke up real early, 7am I bounced out of bed. Don't know what the hell is wrong with me (yes I do, it's red bull… but I prefer to stay in denial, so red bull is good, red bull is good). Woke up with a random energy drink on the desk in my room, and realised I had absolutely no idea how it got there, or how I got there, and thanks to the tequila, I don't think that those few hours are ever coming back. Apparently we went to Absinthe… ???… Oh well.

Still missing everyone at home, but the girls here are looking after me. But I actually had a lot of fun. Played lots of pool last night, and apparently rage helps a lot in billiards!!! Kicked everyone's asses!

So yeah, that's the latest in my very surreal world. I'm starving, Rach and I are about to have breakfast downstairs (I miss poached eggs from home).

Will try to write again soon if my internet connection ever works.

Miss you all. Love you all lots.



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