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Ok, now that I'm over my tanty… We got our room upgraded, so the hotel is manageable now… Took Nathan and Liz to Malate, but everyone was exhausted, us from the last few days, them from the way too long flight that had just been on. So it was a very uneventful night.

This morning, we actually slept in!!! Woke up at about 9, and went to do some shopping, had some lunch, and went to Mass. The Church we went to was cool, it was kind of open air, and the Priest was great. I've never been to a Mass where they get all of the birthday people up and sing happy birthday to them! It ended things on a light note. Went back to the hotel and started drinking vodka, we were gonna go to redbox, but decided that probably wouldn't be a good idea since we have to leave for the airport for Palawan at about 6am… So, yeah, vodka, then dinner, some nice wine, shisha, then more vodka!!!

Tuesday: Well, the last couple of days have been so much - they've been real full on, they've been incredible, they've been breathtaking… Sunday night we had a few drinks at the hotel, just tried to settle into holiday mode a little more. We weren't really relaxed at all, Liz and Nathan were definitely still winding down from work mode, and so were we! By Monday morning though, our holidays were officially starting… Flight was booked for 8:15, so we got up early, had a quick (crappy) breakfast at the hotel, then took off for the airport. Flew to Puerto Princesa in Palawan, but we had decided not to book ahead for any accommodation until we got there, I think it's more fun that way. Got a tricycle (it's like a motorbike with a cart tacked onto the side) to take us to the hotel areas, and found a cool place to stay. It's small, barely has running water in the showers, but it's clean and close to everything. The SMB crew were staying there, so it meant that we could meet up with them again. So we all went on an island hopping adventure! Went to Snake Island, and set up all the beer and seafood in a great little hut right on the beach. Went snorkelling, it was so beautiful. There were fish everywhere, and the water was crystal clear. Incredible. Then we lay on the beach for ages, having a few drinks and relaxing. Did I mention we are definitely in holiday mode now? It was exactly what we all needed. Everyone was picking on me (as usual) cos I had a bit of a freakout about a hermit crab coming towards me, so Carl thought that it would be funny to try to put a starfish on my stomach while I was sunbaking… Not funny!!! Ok, it was funny, cos I freaked out and dived away and did some kind of commando roll across the sand and everyone was pissing themselves. I dived so hard to get away that my foot is all cut up and gross. But it's my own fault, I guess I'm a easy target. It's not that I'm scared of starfish, or crabs for that matter, but I can't stand the though of them touching me… Oh well. Lucky nobody caught it on camera! I mentioned a while ago my new found love of Nanna Naps, but Rach and I have been taking it waaaay too far. I had 3 naps on Monday, slept through the car trip and the boat ride!!!

Then today, everyone else was leaving, Patrick had arranged for us to go to Underground River in Sabang. It's a 2.5 hour drive away, but it was worth it. When you get there, you get a boat across, then another boat takes you along the river. It's like a really big cave, and it's pitch black inside. I can't even begin to describe the amazing things we saw inside with the spotlight. The caves are full of bats and swallows (guess which one of us got crapped on? Yep, of course it was me.) But the rock formations are what was really special. There are rocks everywhere that have been naturally formed, that look like so many different things. We saw Jesus' face on the wall, The Virgin Mary, the Nativity Scene, all kinds of fruits, so many things. Our guide was hilarious, in broken English he kept cracking jokes about everything. Couldn't take any pics cos even with the flash and the spotlight, it was too dark, the pics came out black! Had 2 naps today too, slept the whole car trip there and back!!!

So tonight, we're going to a vegetarian restaurant here, it's supposed to be great…

Ugh, went to the vegetarian restaurant… It had closed down and moved to a little kiosk across the road. Ugh. Shouldn't have got excited. Ugh.

Ended up finding another place to eat, and discovered some fabulous new cocktails.

We decided that we needed a chill day on Wednesday, so went for a walk through the local shops, had Jollibee for lunch (yes, we finally tried Jollibee - don't do it, just don't do it…) then we went to Paradise Beach. Spent the whole day laying on a little patch of beach. It was the most relaxing day… Lizzie gave me a massage, and we just chilled on the beach. The only thing missing was an esky and some grog!!! Went out drinking and playing pool at night, then went out dancing and had a blast!!! We probably should have been responsible, cos we were flying out in the morning, but… Naaaaaah!

Next stop, Cebu!

See you there.



arlene0725 says:
Wow, you are the first people who doesn't like Jollibee. My friend in San Fran liked it. She took me to the location in Daly City while I have in San Fran last year. Big fan of the "Palabok Special" noodle dish. no worries, Arlene
Posted on: Nov 12, 2007
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