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Yeah, yeah, i know... I've been slack. I promised you guys updates all the time, but believe it or not, it's just been busy!!! This place is awesome. Have been doing lots of cool stuff, trying not to spend any time at all in my hotel room if possible.

So, what's the latest? Well, to be honest, not much of what i've been doing will sound interesting, i guess that you have to see it all for yourself to understand. But, Sunday was such an incredible day... Definitely my favourite day here so far. We've been trying to arrange to go to Tagaytay - to Taal Volcano. It was ace!!! We were struggling with transport, cos to use the hotel van to fit us all in was gonna cost 19000 Pesos, which is like $515 or something. So we had given up on that idea but...

Saturday night we all went down to Mall Of Asia. It's the biggest shopping mall in the Philippines, and the 7th biggest shopping mall in the world (thanks Wikipedia). It has an ice skating rink in the middle and everything!!! Went to get a taxi to go back to the hotel but the taxi stand was off it's head, there was hundreds of people waiting, so we hired some dodgy guy with a van to take us instead. Yes, i know, at home that would not be the most responsible thing to do (sorry Dad, i won't do it again...) but it's different here. Well, kinda. You know… I don't think that I can explain it to make it sound any more legitimate, but…

So we asked this guy with the van how much to hire him for the day to take us to Tagaytay, and it was 2500 pesos instead, which is about $67. Woohoo. So anyway, took about an hour and a half to drive there, then we got a tour guide, and hired a boat to take us across the lake to the volcano. Lots of fun, laying in the sun on the boat ride over, then when we got to the island in the middle, we hired horses to take us up to the top of the volcano. Getting off the boat was like entering another world again. There was this whole kind of community based around the horses and the volcano trips. People to rent you a horse. And a driver for the horse. And Some soda for the driver of the horse. And some coconut milk at the top. It was really cool. At first the horses didn't look real big, but man, they were strong. And the freedom of riding a horse up the side of a volcano in a foreign country is something that I don't think that words will ever explain…

I know, i'm rambling again, but i'm still excited about it!

The ride up the volcano was the most fun i've had in a long time. I rode a horse once on school camp, but i don't think that really counts. My "driver" was a 10 year old boy, man he was adorable. He was pretty much steering the horse up the track so that we didn't walk off a cliff… A few times along the way he'd stop the horse, take my camera, and take a picture of me. Eventually we got to the top, and it was absolutely surreal. I don't really know what i was expecting a volcano to look like, i guess kind f like in cartoons, with bubbling lava and stuff, and it's really not like that. It looks kind of like a lake, but it was smoking. So cool.

We took heaps of pics at the top. I held a gun too. Kind of freaked me out a little. Well, a lot. Gave it back pretty quickly. Then we rode the horses back down and got back on the boat.

It was such a great day, so exhausting though, that i fell asleep in the car on the way home. Hope i didn't snore too loud. If I did, sorry guys.

Other than that, no other great stories. My spurt of coordination is over, can't believe i went 2 whole weeks without stacking into anything, but then yesterday i walked into the wall at work, and all of a sudden, it's back. Smashed my hand against the desk i was walking past a few hours later. Headbutted a cupboard door last night. Ugh.

Work has been fun... It's actually really tiring, i think that it's cos we're sitting still all day, and we're pretty quiet all day (not like work in Oz where we run around tanked up on Tang all day...) The off-shore reps that we're working with are ace - they're all adorable... They're fun, much more fun than i expected before we arrived. I guess that all of the cultural briefing info and stuff really put some fear into us about cultural awareness and stuff, and i guess that they're more conservative than we are at home, but ultimately really no different... I mean, we all like the same stuff, and we all talk about the same crap. It's not like we're from different planets stupid cultural briefing had us thinking that we were gonna be working with aliens!)

So anyway, after I have a bit of a rant and rave about the food, I think that this will be it for now… The food is crap. Terrible. Awful. Gross. Disgusting.

I think that you get my point. It's not that their taste is that strange, but mine is. Everything here has meat in it, and I'm finding it very hard to deal with. Every time I look at a menu, the vegetarian section has either pork or shrimp in every dish, It's absolutely absurd!!! How can a tofu dish have minced pork in it??? What's the point in the tofu? Really?

Eh. I've been able to get a few vegetarian meals that have been ok. When I say ok, what I actually mean is that they didn't make me puke… J

Other than the food, I don't think that there is anything that anyone could possibly complain about. I mean, I miss Matt, and I miss my friends, and I miss the family too. But I already know that my time is gonna be too short here, and as per tradition, I'm sure that I'll have a cry at Melbourne airport cos I don't wanna come home. Maybe I'll bring some Red Bull back with me to keep me happy. Evil, evil Red Bull.


So, until next time, love you all lots.



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