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Hey hey, and welcome to another episode of my life!!! We are having an absolutely incredible time. Words cannot describe some of the beautiful and amazing things that we have been able to see and do here, the Philippines has so much to offer… On Thursday we flew into Cebu, as usual we hadn't booked ahead, so when we arrived in Cebu City we just got in a cab and drove around til we found somewhere. Ended up in a fabulous hotel, great view, everything was clean and new. Ahhhhh… But I was in a massively crappy mood all day, so it was a very bleh day. We did absolutely nothing in Cebu but sit around, I caught up on emails and stuff, some went to the gym (the crazy ones…) and we just chilled. Barely even drank anything that night, just a bottle of wine with dinner. Boring old maids that we are. We were only there for one night, so probably should have done something interesting, there was a nice Church that I wanted to go and see, but it was just one of those days when I couldn't deal with anything or anyone, just wanted to sit alone and be grumpy. You know how it is??? If not, oh well. So yeah, we did nothing, flew out again at lunchtime the next day for sunny Borocay… Woohoo!!!

The flight to Kalibo was nothing, 45 mins or so, and then we had to get a van to take us to the port in Caticlan, and then we had to get a boat across to Borocay. From there we got another van to take us to white beach to find some accommodation. The place we wanted to stay at was waaaaay too expensive, like ridiculous expensive… So we went a little further down the beach (we were actually dragging our luggage literally across the beach!!!) til we got to another resort that is absolutely amazing. The beach here is like nothing I have seen before, the sand is white and soft life caster sugar, only doesn't taste so good when you get a mouthful of it… By the time we got here and dumped our stuff it was almost dinner time, so we went down to the beach (all of about 30 steps from our front door) just to go for a walk, 2 mins later we were in the water… It's so beautiful and warm in the water here, even though it was dark… You could never do that in Melbourne, even in the middle of summer the waters freezing at night.

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We went to have dinner at the hotel next door, Fridays, and they had all these cool dancers there, and we got dragged (they had to twist my arm cos I'm so quiet and shy, yeah right!!!) anyway, got dragged up with the dancers to try Tinikling, which is a local dance, looked kinda dangerous cos if you're not quick enough the wooden poles slam closed on your foot. It was ace fun though, we were all laughing the whole time we were up there, and we even got certificates to prove that we have had our very own Tinikling lesson!!! After dinner (we'd already had a few cocktails), we were all up for a big night, but as soon as we got back to the room we all slumped. Had a quietish night in, and set our alarms early to get up and go to the beach, work on our already marvellous tans…!

Ugh… I'm back. What did your Mum's teach you about falling asleep in the sun? We're all pink kids tonight… Spent the whole day laying on the beach, and was doing ok til I fell asleep for a couple of hours. I'm so red, I hope I haven't ruined my tan…!

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Was gonna go out and listen to some reggae music, but walked along the beach for more than an hour and couldn't find the place L

We're leaving again in the morning, heading off to Bangkok, Thailand for a few days. I'm gonna miss the beach here, you cannot imagine how flawlessly white the sand is, it doesn't seem real. The water is such a perfect clear blue. You all HAVE to come here one day. I will definitely be back!!!

Well, I'm sure that Bangkok will bring more adventures, so until then, keep missing me, start counting down.

Love you all



geek_goddess_jolie says:
Glad you enjoyed your time in Boracay... Love the place! =)
Posted on: Oct 25, 2010
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