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After the antics of Friday night, we had another big night planned for Saturday night, we've been celebrating a birthday all weekend (no, not mine). It was all going to be a responsible night out, but… Went out and had a great meal, and planned to go to Prince of Jaipoor afterwards. There was a couple of hours to kill in between, so we figured why not go have a few Absinthe's to start off the night… The last couple of days have been kind of hard, am really missing my family and friends right now. You now those days when you just need a hug? Anyway… Back to Absinthe. Evil, evil absinthe. The bar was cool, there was a random guy in a pirate outfit (yes, he looked kinda dumb..) After 5 shots of Absinthe (yep, the real stuff) my head wasn't really right for a couple of days… Hard to explain the strange feeling. But no hallucinations, nothing that's really worth writing home about (yes, I know I'm writing home about it anyway). But we ended up out partying until 4am-ish. The club was great (Jaipoor), although we kind of stood out real bad - group of real white people who have drank just enough to believe that they can dance (Yolz is our very own Pussycat Doll, and as for the rest of us…?) So much fun, they were playing hiphop music. Yeeeeeeah. I think that everyone had a ball, but eventually we had to go home or they were gonna drag our asses down from the podium/stage and throw us out!!!

Here's something you may never want to know about the Philippines - you can't flush your toilet paper… I know, gross. But believe it or not, after a while you actually get used to it. I can't believe I just felt the need to share that information with all of you. Oh well, your lives will never be the same again.

Am still loving the hotel, although I feel the need to escape from it at every opportunity. I feel like there's so much more outside of this place. Makati City feels so protected. Not how it sounds though. I don't mean that it feels safe, it just feels, I don't know, like it's this very surreal world, and the realities of the outside world cannot get in. Everything around the hotel is expensive and shiny, and you have to get far enough away from here to see the real Philippines. We've been lucky enough to get real far away from the city a few times, to Tagaytay for the Volcano and stuff. I hope that we get to see a lot more. Have been planning our holidays for after the secondment is up. We're thinking a few nights in Borocay, then a few in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, then maybe up North, to North Luzon where there's some cool Mummies in caves and stuff. I don't know. Will keep you posted.

But anyway, as much as we try to get away, the hotel is incredible. Everyone remembers your name, and in the restaurant they always have our usual table set up every night. Manny, one of the waiters at the restaurant, always knows everything about us and remembers everything we tell him. He's incredible. He brings me green tea after dinner every night, and remembers how everyone like their tea and coffee. He's even practiced so much that he can actually say my surname!!! So I'm really adjusting to life in the Philippines.

Sunday was pretty chill… Got up early (again) and hung out waiting for the others to wake up. Had a massive buffet lunch and then headed to the pool. Because of the renovations that are happening at the Pen, we have to go to another hotel to use the pool and stuff, but it's only a couple of minutes walk, and they'll drive you if you get lazy. We just kind of slumped by the pool for hours, great way to recover from a big night. For dinner, continued the birthday celebrations…

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