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Aaaaaaaaargh. We've arrived at our new hotel (THE BEST WESTERN, MAKATI CITY...) L I miss "The Pen" already!!!

First, they stuffed up and had only one room ready for us.

Then the receptionist was really rude and unhelpful.

Then they wanted us to leave a deposit in case we consumed the minibar or made any phone calls… Pfffft… As if that was gonna happen. I made them remove their crappy minibar.

Then they didn't bring our luggage up to us, they left it sitting in the lobby.

Then our room stank.

Then they burst into the room without warning.

Then we went to check out the pool and it was a crappy indoor pool on the fifth level, that I have no intention of swimming in due to the copious amounts of dirt flying around.

Then there was a bug in the bathroom.

Then, when we decided that there was nothing left to do while we wait for Nathan and Liz but drink vodka, there were no glasses or ice in our room.

Then we decided that maybe we were being spoilt brats because of our time at the Pen, and that maybe we should just relax.

Then Rachel decided that she doesn't like her handwriting.

Then we discovered that the hotel doesn't have a gym.

Then we found a friggin fingernail on the floor… Ewwwwww.

Then I couldn't work out how to use the dumb program on my laptop to finish off the DVD.

Then, they said that internet access in the room would cost us lots of money.

Then, there were more bugs.

Then Liz and Nathan came - YAYYYYYYYYYYY.

Then we realised that the hotel is still shit.

Then there were even more bugs crawling around the bathroom.

And then I cracked the shits and demanded that the manager come up and speak with me.

And then they upgraded us to better rooms, and I still felt like a spoilt brat, but at least there will be no bugs crawling up my nose in the middle of the night.

Then the beds were reeeeally uncomfortable, great for my bad back…

Aaaaaaaaaaaargh… What a day!



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photo by: Deats