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So, greetings from Manila, this place is ace!!!

I'm still having a little trouble believing that this is all real. Sitting in my hotel room, my 5 STAR hotel room...

So, the last few days... Well, they've been interesting to say the least. The flight was a nightmare (did i ever tell you how much i hate flying?) I get so bored, and kind of want to run up and down the aisles yelling like a toddler, but i think that they might have chucked me out at Hong Kong if i did that. Oh, and the guy next to me on the plane... He was lovely. Unless you count the fact that he was snoring BEFORE we even left the ground in Melbourne. Here i was thinking that i'd just have a nap to pass the time... Nope, not a chance. So after lots of whining from me (9 and a half hours worth), we arrived at Hong Kong airport to get our connecting flight. It was at this point that i got my ass caught in the door. Well, that was the first time... Stupid train! I'm pretty sure that it was entertaining for everyone else on the train though, watching this random Aussie chick get stuck in the door... I mean, really, it could only happen to me, right? mind you, it wasn't just my ass, my backpack was on the wrong side of the door too, while it was still attached to my back... Hmmm. Did i mention that was only the first time? Yeah, i know.. Walking disaster.

The flight to Manila was so much better. It was only half full, so we could actually breathe. When we got here, there were cars to pick us up, take us to the airport and all that. Man, this place is incredible... It's still all very surreal. The hotel staff are amazing. Anything you want, call the concierge!!! So, when i get home, if i start demanding things and expect to be waited on hand and foot, it's not my fault... Blame room service for being so accomodating!

I already kind of miss everyone, but i might never come home... Do you think that Optus would consider putting me up in this hotel forever? Jim?

It's SO hot here, it's been over 30 degrees every day, no rain at all yet... Thank God we have air con in the hotel...

So, last night we decided to venture out a little, so some of us went to Malate to check out some bars... Interesting. And strange.

Before i left, i had read about a bar in Manila where all of the staff are midgets. It's called the Hobbit House, and man it's strange. Now, i know that some of you will judge, and automatically think about exploitation and all, but if you can get past that, it was great. And odd.

I know, i know, but... The Long Island Iced Teas that we were downing a little too fast helped to get past it!!!


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photo by: Deats