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After recieving an invitation in the mail to a birthday party for a little girl in my niece's preschool class, we decided that we would attend. I couldn't bear to dissapoint her by saying we wouldn't go. So we sent off the RSCP and headed to the mall to choose a gift. The Valley view mall is the largest in Virginia, and has stores in it that I don't have at I get distracted very easily. STAY FOCUSED, complete your task. From store to store we walked hand in hand, and finally agreed on the perfect gift. Done! After working up an appitite we stopped at Chick-fil-A. I always laugh at the name of this fast food chain. It HAS to be American. If it were Canadian we would have named it "Chick-Fillet", since fillet is derived from the French language.

...but those funny Americans always trying to be difficult, had to name it "Fil-A". Regardless of the name, we enjoyed our chicken nuggets and made our way back home.

The day of the party came and we wrapped the gift up, grabbed the directions to the house and headed out. After a nice scenic drive into the middle of nowhere, we finally found the house. A gorgeous piece of property with tall trees and fields all around. Placed all around the lawn were big white tents! One with a caterer, one with games and toys.....and then there were the tractor rides, hay piles, rabbits, goats, a clown, a magician and pony rides too!!! I think I was more excited than my niece and nephew. Cowboy hats for all of the kids, and fun treat bags at the end. This was the coolest kids party I had ever been to. WOW, elaborate! (forgot that I should have expected this since my neice attends private school. haha) We all had a great time! The food was good, and the desserts were even better. I think I will plan a party like this just for ME!!! haha. 

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Like a real Cowboy!
Like a real Cowboy!
This was the neighbors house.... …
This was the neighbor's house....…
My newborn nephew
My newborn nephew
photo by: spocklogic