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After reading a few of the travel blogs here at, I realized that they're all about the place their visiting, the things they saw, the food they ate...But I learned something very important during my most recent trip to Brazil, sometimes trips are an excuse to spend time with some good friends...

Excerpt from my travel blog:

"...I've traveled a lot this year - Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, US, and now Brazil. But sometimes vacation with friends is a little more than just seeing the world and trying new things together. Sometimes, all it is, is a chance to make time for old friends.

At hour 3 of watching the Tudors, 11pm (at a commercial break, of course), we both turned to each other, smiled, and giggled. We're in Brazil. We've been laying in bed all night. Didn't even eat dinner. And watched TV. And I think it was at that moment that I realized why we became friends in the first place..."

I just never realized how true this was until this year. Through life, friends tend to come and go. But the beauty of life is the experience you share with them while they're still around...

- Doogie Howser

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