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I guess as an American I expected to come to a Latin American country in South America and find a wide variety of new spicy foods to try.  It is to my dismay that I have yet to find any restaurant or food that has the spice I like and was expecting to find here. 


The salsa picante here is anything but spicy.  We have even made special trips out for dinner to different types of cultural foods.  Korean and Indian cuisine are known to have many spicy dishes.  However, at the restaurants here in Buenos Aires that serve these kinds of foods have yet again lacked in the spice department.  The Korean restaurant contained some spice but not as is expected when dining at this type of location.  The same is true for the Indian restaurant that received the same sentiments after the meal. 


Our last hope was to turn to an American favorite and get some spicy buffalo wings at the T.G.I.F. located in the Alto Palermo mall.  Argentina managed to rob these salsa picante wings of any real spice or heat with their buttery "hot" sauce.  They did have Tabasco sauce that we used to at least appease our taste buds. 


Now, I know from personal experience that spicy Mexican foods do not exist as we know them in the United States in Mexico.  In fact, it’s quite the contrary because authentic Mexican food is actually rather bland.  Perhaps this is the same case with my expectations of Argentine food.


So, it would seem to me that minus certain cultures´ cuisines that possess spicy dishes, Americans have created the idea that Latin food is supposed to be very spicy.  Americanized Mexican restaurants and other similar cases provide us with the spice that many Americans love.  Thus, we have grown to expect this when we travel to these countries, only to not find it.  If this is not the case, spice has at least managed to elude Argentina.

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