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I booked a 4 day safari to the Kruger National Park at the Bundu Safari Company and was scheduled for pick-up at 05.00h in my hotel in Johannesburg. Therefore I packed my bags the night before, and got up at 4.30. After half an hour of waiting in the lobby, I rechecked my confirmation and decided to call the safari company to find our why they were late. Soon it appeared that the driver went to the wrong hotel (same chain, slighly different name), found I was not there and continued to pick up to other hotels. However, they promised me he would be there soon. Several phone-calls and a lot of tiring waiting later, the mini-bus arrived at the hotel and I got in. 07.00h.

After quite a long drive, we arrived in Nelspruit, where we did the last pickups. 13 people in total, 3,5 great days ahead of us. A short drive later we arrived in the private game camp within the Kruger Park fences, with a big tent, and several tents for us. Welcome drinks and tent assignments were done quickly and we headed out for our first Safari drive. The group split up over 2 jeeps and I jumped in the jeep with 'Pierre' as the driver. Not too many animals were attracted by the sound of the jeep, so we did not see that many animals, but when we arrived at a big rock (with which the 4x4 Jeep had no problem at all), we were lucky:
A group of lionesses lying under a tree, resting and hiding from the sun. Although a bit hidden and too far for a decent picture, it was an amazing sight. My el-cheapo binoculars did their job properly and we spent quite a while just watching these amazing animals. Unfortunately, they didn't move a lot, so we decided to slowly drive further. Only a couple hundred meters from the Lionesses location, we saw two young male lions, taking a nap. Again, a bit too far for pictures, but an amazing view and definately worth staying around for a while. One of the lions decided to lift his head, yawn and then crashed his head back onto the ground as if he had run a marathon in a new world-record. Isn't that the greatest job in the world? Lie around, yawn and once in a while steal a kill from a weaker animal...

When the lions decided to stay put, we started up the engines and went looking for some moving animals. After some impala, buffalo, girafs and zebra, we saw are first elephants! A few elephants and a young one, an amazing sight. We stopped the jeep and they came closer and closer and started to drink the water. Wonderful animals. Just wonderful.

We continued back to the big rock to drink something at sunset and start a night drive in the dark. With some large lights, the bush was lit up and the 'eye-spotting' could start. Not too many animals, unfortunately, but we saw an elephant drinking in the water.

Back to camp, for a quick drink and a well deserved night of sleep in a tent, in between the bugs, snakes and other creepy crawlers!

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Kruger National Park
photo by: tersia