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Breakfast at the waterhole restaurant.

Today we hit the road at 8.15 am. Destination St. Lucia. During the ride we pass a lorry that is very clear about on what side to overtake. It says in bright red characters: Right is the passing side, left is suicide. I started off sitting in front of Jos, but our conversation about waterwells, automatic lawnmowers and scalemodel trains goes on for so long, that I decide to go and sit next to him.

At 10.30 am we arrive at the Swaziland-South African border. The customs formalities do not take long, and before we know it, we are walking through a kind of open hangar with beautiful murals, towards our bus that is waiting for us in South Africa. Now we are in the land of the Zulu.

At 11.30 am it's time for our second coffee stop today, because we are ahead of schedule.

Beautiful murals at the South African border.
This time we stop at an upclass hotel with a beautiful garden in which we can drink our cup of cheer. One wall inside the hotel is covered with drawings and descriptions of all the Zulu kings. The most famous ones being, off course, Shaka and Dingaan.

Before arriving at Dumazulu Cultural Village we make a quick stop at a little market where only souvenirs are sold. Not interesting at all, but one stall sells delicious fresh pineapples, so Johan is forgiven for dropping us here. Dumazulu Cultural Village is an open air museum showing how the Zulu lived in the old days. When the Zulu man says hello in his language we are supposed to answer with "Yebo". When asked how we are doing, an eloquent "Siapiela" is expected. Before starting the tour through the village, a light (but good) lunch strengthens the inner man.

A warm Zulu welcome at Dumazulu Cultural Village.
It's almost 2 pm, so I really needed that.

We cannot enter the village untill permission is asked for and granted, this is done by drums, one where we stand and the one inside the village answers the call. Men have to go first, so they can protect the women in case of danger. The village is crawling with caterpillars, which explains why there were so many butterflies on the little jungle path we walked to the settlement. We get to see the crafts of the Zulu, spearmakers, shieldmakers, potters and a lady that is making the traditional Zulu beer (containing 20,3% alcohol). A sangoma (a person who can communicate with the ancestors) and a medicine-man are also present. At the end of the tour we get to taste the Zulu beer which is a bit sour, I don't really like it.

Colourful pottery.
Two boys demonstrate a stickfight, but it is obvious that they do this many times a day, it looks like a dance instead of a fight. The wedding ceremony on the other hand looks much more real, these people enjoy what they are doing and it shows!

On the way out we have to go through a giftshop and then it's only a short walk to the hut of the guards that welcomed us when we got off the bus. Now however they notice us too late and they do not have the time to hide away there modern day playing cards. By tossing them into the back of the little hut one guard tries to save the Zulu facade, but I've already seen his handfull of diamonds. After saying goodbye in Zulu (don't ask, I really wouldn't know how anymore), we have to drive for another hour to St. Lucia.

We are staying in a very nice and spacious apartment, that we share with Annette and Barbara, two girls that we get along with rather well. Since the apartment has a refrigerator, we go out to do some shopping for tomorrow's breakfast. Tonight we dine with the four of us in a restaurant that's supposed to be open untill ten o'clock. I'm having spareribs, and they are huge! And very tasty at that. At 21.30 Annette wants to go to the toilet, but by then they're already closed. At 21.45 the staff make it very clear that it is time for us to go home. That's a pity, since the food was so good. Let's find another restaurant tomorrow.

We're having good laughs for about half an hour with the girls in our air-conditioned condo before going to bed. It's going to be a very short night again.

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Breakfast at the waterhole restaur…
Breakfast at the waterhole restau…
Beautiful murals at the South Afri…
Beautiful murals at the South Afr…
A warm Zulu welcome at Dumazulu Cu…
A warm Zulu welcome at Dumazulu C…
Colourful pottery.
Colourful pottery.
st. lucia
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