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Amsterdam 9/7-9/11 Typical Dutch delicacy, Anne Frank House, Canal boat ride, Square, Mac Bikin' it, clog wearin' it

Friday, September 7, 2007 ((Day 9))

All aboard Czech Airlines .. destination AMSTERDAM

Here were are in our last and final country to visit on our Eurotrip 2007 : the Netherlands

Our taxi van takes us to the main office of our apt rental for the trip, which would then take us to where we will call home for the next 5 days.  We rang the bell, door opened and there we saw it... stairs.. lots and lots of stairs.  The beginning of the many stairs we will be accustomed to planting our feet on for the whole trip.  We took care of business.. signed papers and the driver took us to our spot, our pad on Elizabeth Wolfstradt.  3rd floor we would go and settle in.  Very nice place.. felt home-like with 3 sorta kinda type rooms (2 actual rooms, and the other was the living room with a bed), kitchen (which we did not use to cook any food - no time).

Canal, Delft, me.. the biker, lunchin' it.. and me thinking of how great it is to be in Europe =)
  We were settled in and ready to roll out and see Amsterdam.

We walked to the nearest tram stop heading towards Leidse-square where we would eat our early dinner and walk walk walk around but before that along the way we took pictures and admired the canals and bridges we walked on.  In the square, funny thing.. Tessa was greeted with a "Niehow" or however that is spelt (guess some guy thought she was Chinese), and after dinner passing a group of guys someone yelled out "Hola Bonita", to me, eeks it was funny though.  A simple "hello" would do fine in all cases, in my opinion.  ;) We then entered quite a few interesting shops.. things were purchased.. of course.. we're all girls.. can't stop us from shopping.

We're in Amsterdam.. view from our Terrace .. 3rd floor apt.

It started to get late, and we wanted to get a good night sleep our first night, so before heading home we made a quick stop a pretty well know coffee shop called the Bulldog.  Before entering something caught my eye.. a demonstration or performance from some man from England, he did pretty cool tricks.. he had many assistants he recruited from the crowd to tie him up in chains and by the end he was standing at the top of a ladder chained up, pretty undsteady and he was going to attempt to release himself.  Golly gosh.. he did.  Like i said pretty cool tricks.. during the performance.. I was taking pictures and he noticed I was taking pictures and he stopped what he was doing just to start posing for the camera.. I took a few shots.

. dark of course.. but it was too funny.  I think I will just post one picture.. that will be enough to imagine you were there with me watching his funny routine.  So then.. Bulldog, went inside gave them some business walked out with some stuff and a signature Bulldog Energy Drink that they sold for 1 euro.  They had their own energy drink, on the menu it said they were a Red Bull Free Zone.. lol.. nope no Red Bull.. sadness cuz that was my most favorite on the trip.. never drank so much red bull.. but yeah ((I didn't get to taste the Bulldog till the next day.. I took of sip of Alma's so I wouldn't have to open mine, and keep it for a keepsake.. and I didn't find it as tasty and delicious as my usual Red Bull, or equal or maybe even more dominant than Red Bull, VitaminEnergy (dragonfruit or tropical citrus), or Full Throttle Blue Agave.
Picture of our spiral staircase we walked up and down floor one to three everyday we were in Amsterdam =)
. seriously way up there in satisfying my tastebuds, and gets the job done in keeping me energetic and ready to tackle anything and everything - lol what a advertisement that was for VitaminEnergy and Full Throttle I just gave out.. hehe my bad))

Time to go night night.. but before that of course we engaged ourselves in a mild amount of one of Amsterdam's delicacies .. what a lot of tourists associate with Amsterdam, since it is legal .. and then I couldn't help myself, I ate quite a few Belgium chocolates and then night time rituals before bed and sleepy time.  Night night Amsterdam.. see ya tomorrow

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Amsterdam 9/7-9/11 Typical Dutch d…
Amsterdam 9/7-9/11 Typical Dutch …
Canal, Delft, me.. the biker, lunc…
Canal, Delft, me.. the biker, lun…
Were in Amsterdam.. view from our…
We're in Amsterdam.. view from ou…
Picture of our spiral staircase we…
Picture of our spiral staircase w…
Pretty cool looking vending machin…
Pretty cool looking vending machi…
Bulldog Coffee Shop
Bulldog Coffee Shop
photo by: pearcetoyou