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((Germany: 8/30-9/4))Typical lunch in Germany.. gotta love the cobblestones ((i love cobblestones.. trip.. almost fall.. hehe j/k tessa), wish we were on the Rhein.. settled for in front of the Rhein.. very Pretty Pretty =)


**Here are few cool interesting facts, tidbits, thoughts, and just whatever I was thinking of and cared to jot down in my little red travel journal**

01:58pm Thursday, August 30, 2007 ((Day 1))

  • waiting for boarding time 2:10pm
  • gonna play DS ((which sucks.. I was only able to play my Nintendo DS the plane trip to Europe because it wouldn't charge back up in the 3 countries we stayed in.. o well I got over it.. I was just happy when that red/orange light came up when I charged it in my room when I got home))
  • wonder what in-flight movies will be playing?? TRANSFORMERS hopefully

08:08am Friday, August 31, 2007 ((Day 2)

  • i wish everyone had an aisle seat, so no one would have to climb over anyone =) smiley face
  • coca cola light.. i love you
  • Mental note: my flight attendant is so nice and great at her job. Rena's sucks, she didn't give her a whole can of ginger ale, forgot to giver her sugar for her coffee and didn't giver her breakfast, and she saw she was awake she still didn't offer.  Sucks, plus she's a slow a$$.  Worst flight attendant I've ever encountered.  Mine was great tho ;) wink wink


lauro says:
hahaha that was such a nice experience in germany :))
Posted on: Nov 16, 2007
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((Germany: 8/30-9/4))Typical lunch…
((Germany: 8/30-9/4))Typical lunc…
Just arrived in Cologne, Germany, …
Just arrived in Cologne, Germany,…
The Dom Cathedral
The Dom Cathedral
photo by: lauro