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(Gasp)  Silently mouthing a wow was my reaction today after catching my first glimpse of the beautiful island of Florianopolis.  When we flew over the mountain range and I could see them break the clouds, I knew this would be a beautiful city.  Beautiful doesn’t describe how nice it looks though?  Incredible?  Inconceivable?  Unimaginable?  I don’t think this thesaurus has the right word I’m looking for.  There are no words to describe it.  The many breathtaking views of the water, the beaches, the sand dunes, the wind surfers made me realize how beautiful Brazil really is.  It’s only been my first day here and I’m already in love with the country.


Brazil.  The name sparks many different feelings in people.  Argentines hate the name.  Men love the name.  Women are sick of the name (maybe they would like Italy or Jamaica better – wherever girls think good looking men are).  Parents are sick of the name (especially during Carnival).  FIFA fears the name.  Fans around the world are in awe of the name.  Many people hold different feelings for this country.  What feeling do I hold?  Well, I haven’t been here long enough, but I’ve already felt some of the ones aforementioned. 


I’ve felt awe in the beauty that Brazil holds both in its inhabitants and natural environment.  I’ve seen the hate that Argentines exude for Brazilians (mainly just in soccer).  I’ve experienced the dread that many have around the world when it comes to soccer, because Brazil is considered by many to be a powerhouse and is one of the favorites to win this year’s World Cup.  However, I’ve also felt fear of harm within the first day of being in Florianopolis.


Florianopolis is filled with tourists because it’s an island everyone wants to visit for either relaxation or exploration.  Many tourists come here and the people who live here know this.  Yesterday, while in a friend’s 1st floor room in our hotel, we almost got robbed.  Unfortunately, this is a regular occurrence throughout not only Brazil, but the rest of the world.  I admit, it is prevalent in Brazil because some of the cities seem to be overpopulated, but even an island like Florianopolis experiences what happens in big cities like Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo. 


Fortunately, nothing ended up happening to us and the robber didn’t take a dime, thank God, but our group has learned that caution needs to be taken in this country no matter where you are.  Don’t let your feelings get away from your common sense or cautionary capabilities.  The country of Brazil has many things to offer and you should try them all, but if you are a tourist to this country, keep your surroundings in mind and your wits about you.  I hope Florianopolis will be a blast while I am here and I’m sure my feeling of awe for this country will still outweigh my other feelings, but you can bet that I will be more careful and cautious in the future while I am here. 

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photo by: Vagabondatheart