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14 hours is a REALLY long flight! The first 7 hours seemed to go by smoothly but after that it was a waiting game. Our first full day in Thailand was chalked full of what Thailand specializes in..extremes! We got caught in the typical bangkok scam which is when the tuk-tuk driver takes you to the jewlery exchange in the hopes that you buy something so he gets a commission. After that little excursion we headed to the Marble Temple and took pictures of gold buddha statues and beautiful ornate thai temple architecture.

Then off to MBK a 6 story mall with an awesome food court. They had all kinds of food fresh made to order. Outside the mall they were having a japanese anime festival complete with teens dressed up in random costumes like: geisha, cats, little girl holding a cat-you get the idea. It was a great photo op! We walked around for a few hours and did some shopping. After that back to the hotel to freshen up for our buffet dinner and lady/boy cabaret show.

For vegetarians there sure wasnt much to chose from so I settled for salad and potatoes (in Thailand I know!) the spaghetti sauce for the pasta tasted weird. Its like things LOOK the same as they do back home but they dont TASTE the same. There is some weird sweet difference. For $15 it wasnt worth it. The lady boy show was great though! Some of them really look like beautiful women but we were sitting 2nd row so we knew the truth ha ha! The costumes were amazing and the performers are really talented! They finished with Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas" which put us in the Christmas spirit!

We were up at 6am the next morning for a 12 hour day of floating market and tiger temple. The floating market was about an hour drive from Bangkok and just as I imagined it would be. Many small boats and some larger with gas motors crusing down narrow canals all in the name of the almighty baht! I swear if they can put a motor on it here, they will :) This place is not for the meek you haveto bargain unless you want to pay $45 for a collapsable hat that probably cost .50 to make, if that. I scored some good deals on things but overpaid my first couple of purchases, hey it takes time to get into the haggling groove!

From there we stopped at the Cobra Show that boasts "Best in the World" not jus the best cobra show but the best show...EVER! This was a surprise stop to us as it wasnt mentioned in the itinerary and something I would have probably not opted for but there we were. My friend wanted to try and relieve her phobia of snakes by facing her fears head on. We walk into the show and are taking pics of snakes in cages and one of the workers walks right up to her and put a python's face on her shoulder! You can imagin her reaction! Funny and sad at the same time she let out a few blood curdeling screams. Onwards and upwards we go into the small arena to watch the show. It consists of men wrestling snakes, cobra and mongoose fight, and python throwing (toward the audience, very scary and I was sitting in the last row!) For $6 it was a good show but I would never want to see it again thats for sure.

Another 90 minutes to the tiger temple I was feeling overwhelmed to say the least. My heart rate had just returned to normal and now we were about to not only see tigers but touch them and take pictures with them. I jokingly asked our tour driver if anyone had been bitten at the tiger temple that he knew of and he said yes, this happened last month. I guess some lady got bit on the arm he was laughing when he was telling us this. I was like ok they really do bite! Once there we waited in line about 30 minutes then it was my turn. The photographer took me by the hand into the area where the tigers were (yes there was more than 1 more like 10) they were all laying on the ground and appeared to be asleep. Some had chains around their necks and some didnt. I told her I was scared, she laughed and led me to a small cub. I knelt down for my picture nervously touching his/her? fur and smiled thinking "hurry hurry take the picture!". We went to one more tiger cub and I was done, by choice. They will really take a lot of pictures with you with all of the tigers if you want so its pretty cool. The only thing I didnt like about it is that the tigers are SO relaxed that they almost seem sedated which the workers swear they arent. I watched a large male tiger bt pushed onto his back and his legs spread apart while a young guy crawled in front of the tiger laying down in the tigers arms to take his picture (this is where you have to pay $). I just down know if I believe that this tiger is so used to people that this is ok to him? P.S. The tiger wasnt wearing a chain.



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