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Walking down the streets of beautiful Kiev, I was shocked to come across the VD-One store.  (For my EFL readers, in English VD is short for Venereal Disease or one of the many diseases a person can get by partaking in risky sexual practices.) At first I consider the possibility that the store owner misspelled what he or she wanted to call his/her store, as "VD-Won" would make more sense than "VD-One".  Then, I thought, "Now there is store where people just get VD and cut out the middle person?"  I decided with great hesitation to enter the store to discover it was a men's clothing store, but this made me question that maybe it was a clothing store for men who did wear what they should have wore the first time, if you catch my drift.  But as it turned out it was merely a clothing store and I felt a lot safer walking down the street.
MomToscano says:
If the Azeris only knew what this means in English; they would probably choke!!!
Posted on: Apr 19, 2008
Marius1981 says:
i bet somwhere there is a STD shop/store

in dublin i saw a thai restaurant called "Pulau" witch in romanain slang refers to the male genitalia. twas kinda fanny... ups i mean funny! ;)
Posted on: Apr 12, 2008
sarahelaine says:
cool blog. Did you ever eat spunk in denmark? It's a type of liquorish candy. I think they must know what it means, though, because the candy are sort of comma shaped... :)
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
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