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If you can see it, the eighth item down is Puke!
The Futian is a fine hotel.  The staff is very friendly and nice.  Not to mention, their complementary breakfast is out of this world!  i swear someday soon I will write a review about the wonderful time i spent there.  Still, it came to my surprise when I went to the mini-bar and looked at the items listed to find the eighth item being Puke.  I looked in the mini-frig and while I could not find anything labeled as Puke, I did find some Budweiser. 

Between Azerbaijan using Barf as a laundry detergent and now the Futian Business Hotel in Anshan, China offering Puke in their mini-bar, I have come to realize that I have been flushing my puke and barf down the toilet like a fool!  As much as i have puked and barfed in my life, i could have been really rich.  Still, thinking about drinking Puke -- while I am all for "while in Rome, do as the Romans do", you have to draw the line somewhere.  You really do.

I did try to tell the hotel staff about why they did not want to sell Puke in their mini-bars, but they did not understand.  I guess i need to work on my Chinese much more. 
ashleymariko says:
Haha..this is great! I just moved to Anshan and will be here for the next 7 months. Any advice on things to do/places to go? Thanks!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2011
jennjeff1 says:
Of course, I totally agree Budweiser tastes like puke. Maybe if you had the hotel staff drink some of that beer they would understand without using any Chinese that the mini-bar has puke in it!
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
jennjeff1 says:
Ronnie, this one really made me bust a gut! I guess Peacock will not be contracting with me for their next candy bar now that I busted my gut! ;-)
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
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If you can see it, the eighth item…
If you can see it, the eighth ite…
A better shot hopefully...look at …
A better shot hopefully...look at…
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