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Guts from Peacock...seriously the company that makes Guts is called it is Peacock Guts!
As a single guy, I that always...see women that I find attractive.  The problem is in reality I am not a pretty boy, if anything I have an extremely rough exterior and that is me being politically correct with myself.  So my own self-consciousness has stopped me from sometime even talking with these women.  In the past when I have discussed this matter with friends, they have always told that I just need to get some guts.  Well, today I finally found some!  While walking in Tesco (imagine a Chinese Wal-Mart without the nauseating overkill of mass consumerism...just merely consumerism) and I found that Guts is actually a candy bar!  And these Guts are from Peacock!  Yes, Peacock Guts from Korea sold in China to an American!  How much more multicultural can you get?  

So when I finally got some Guts today, i decided to go up to the first attractive woman I saw and start a conversation with her.  Too bad she didn't understand any English, because I used great lines on her...I bet. She ended up running the other way though, but still...  From here on out, I am just keeping some Guts in my pocket.  Whenever I need them, I can just reach and grab them.  And the thing is you never know when you are going to need to get some Guts.  So now I know where I can go to buy some.
Marius1981 says:
mmmm i would like to try them
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
sheba124 says:
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
sarahelaine says:
useful. Although possibly not quite as funny as the small black Liquorish sweets I bought in Copenhagen, shaped like small commas, and called spunk!
Posted on: Jan 04, 2009
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Guts from Peacock...seriously the …
Guts from Peacock...seriously the…
photo by: theonionlady