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I’m never prepared when I leave a town.  I don’t know why.  I know it drives some people (my mother) up the wall.  There is always just a few more things that I should do before I go.  They are never things that I need to do, just things that I try and squeeze in last minute.  I wasn’t really prepared to leave the city yet.  Mentally I was already on the beach, but I wasn’t physically prepared.  There were places I still hadn’t seen and people I wanted to see more of before I left.  You can never do it all though.  It’s just not possible.  So I try and do whatever I can the last few days.  This makes for some chaos, but I actually work better in a situation like this.  I loved running around those last sweet minutes at the pastry shop to get goodies for the plane ride.  Some say that it’s rude.  I can get that.  I understand.  People like being on time.  I wish that came more naturally to me.  I would love to have that feeling of being ready.  I never really feel that way.  I am always in the process.  This is the same as my feeling of being in the city.  At first I really felt like I didn’t want to be in the city the whole time.  I went away on the weekends to get out and see what else was going on in Argentina.  I definitely did a lot of things during the week, and thought that was enough.  But then I began to find my own little niche in Buenos Aires.  There is a really cute bookstore on Thames, some great little clubs for live music.  I was finding out all of this as our last few days were coming to a close.  Just as I was getting comfortable, we had to leave.  So this last sweet love I found for the city makes me think that I’ll take the loop back through the capital on my way to Santiago before I head home.


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