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I was craving a kitchen.  It was nice having a cook in the residencia who came up with some really great stuff with what is available in Buenos Aires, but those last few days weren’t really optimum for that setup.  Meals were limited on time, and mostly I don’t eat on the same schedule.  The food was getting a little boring too.  Pasta, pasta, pasta.  Also a big thing is that I just have cooking my veins.  I set up mini-cucinas wherever I go.  Some sugar, some seasoning, some cheese, fruit, hot water heater that plugs into the wall.  I’m almost set.  But to actually have a kitchen now… I’m jumping for joy.  And if I had to choose between having a kitchen here or in BA, I would absolutely choose here.  The grocery is amply supplied with a variety of produce at dirt-cheap prices… so much fruit and veggies to create different flavors every night.  And spice!!! Now I finally get a little heat to my diet.  It also helps a lot with the cash situation.  In BA you could pretty much eat out gourmet style and pay very little.  This made for great dining experiences.  Every meal served with a big Argentine wine.  It was a town to dine out in.  Here in Brazil, I don’t know if I get that feeling.  It could just be that I’m ready to nest and looking for some comfort cooking, or that the food setup is different.  Buenos Aires is definitely a dining town.  There is little street food.  Instead you sit in cafes for hours.  Here in Brazil, street food has already been found by this traveler.  Those crazy ‘crepes.’  Yum!  You can have them salty or sweet.  What more could you ask for out of street food?  So here I’ll take street food and cooking at home to eating out for most of my meals.  It was time anyway.  Its time for a constant pot of ginger tea and leftovers for lunch from the great meal the night before.  The leftover part has yet to happen though, since the food has been so good that we can’t stop eating until its gone every night.  Its time to try new veggies and fruits and experiment.  You can find me from now on at the grocery store at the end of the bridge.  That’s my new hangout.


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photo by: Vagabondatheart