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There is something amazing about a beta-male.  So refreshing after coming from a land of assertive, aggressive, homophobic men.  Ooo.  Is that a little too harsh?  Ok, so it’s a generalization, but one that is amplified when compared up against another culture of men.  More relaxed men.  Men who are more in touch with the emotions.  Men who are almost sent to tears over a gift.  I’ve seen it happen here in BA and it’s a beautiful thing.  I’m hoping that some of our men on this trip are observing this wonderful way of acting that is more subtle and taking lessons.  I’ve already noticed that some are more chivalrous and let the ladies go first.  This is really wonderful.  I don’t know how many times I’ve had a door closed in my face at GT that would have been just as easy to keep open, by men or women… but still more noticeable when it’s the guys that don’t hold the door.  Even more lovely is when men don’t feel the need to continuously flex their manliness.  We all know that you don’t like your male friends romantically, so why is it so difficult to show emotions towards them to let them know you care?  A little hug, a squeeze, some gesture of affection to recognize the close relationship.  Argentine men don’t have this problem.  They seem completely comfortable in saying how much another man means to them.  There is no question of sexuality in such an admission for them.  Younger men in the U.S. are teased if such a close bond is recognized.  I speak for myself when I say that its much more attractive to women when guys don’t have to prove themselves all the time.  A softer version of masculinity is appreciated.  Writing this though now I think of what we have spoken about tango and the dominant male.  I guess that my observations of the country have not been in line with the machismo attitude found in tango.  I have no doubt that tango promoted a very machismo attitude where women were secondary and who’s presence was only within the context of complementing the male.  I just don’t think that this still applies in what I’ve seen from the Argentine men.


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